gg/ grisel torres is a non-binary queer creative born on Muwekma-Ohlone Territory. as a visitor to this land, they would like to acknowledge the generations of mexican mestizo and indigenous migrant land workers in their lineage that tended to the land from california to guanajuato, mexico. gg is informed by their family history and as an artist centers their art and community practices around the body, land, atmosphere, and ritual transformation. gg holds a BA from SFSU’s School of Theatre and Dance where she studied light design, technical theatre, management, and props design. since then, gg has collaborated as a lighting designer and facilitator for many live productions in the bay area’s experimental performance art and movement-based communities over the last 10 years. in other collaborations, gg offers vocal sound baths as an extension of their work as a student of energy and body work medicine. gg explores empathetic-intuitive-adaptive improvisation in every dimension of their work in the arts and in arts leadership. art and healing intersect at the venue, where the stage is an altar and performance is ceremony. the intention is to open and close these spatial portals safely for sacred storytelling and somatic or experiential transmutation to occur. all to laugh and dance with the ancestral realm.