The Project Space is a free zone for week long informal residencies of any discipline. The space is a windowless, 1,000 square feet concrete room in the basement lobby of CounterPulse.

Recently in residence: Alice Combs, Total Turn On,  February 28 – March 8, 2017

Total Turn On

Total Turn On

How do we collectively act to give power? How do we acknowledge our own? Within the context of a former porn theater, is there an implicit connection of arousal between the red indicator light on a power strip and the red of a red-light district? How many indicator lights would it take to light up a dark room?

For the CounterPulse Project Space, Alice Combs will be in residence for two weeks building a light installation composed entirely of indicator lights on power strips and chargers that do not actively charge anything. Chargers will have varying-color indicator lights and will be sourced from lost and founds, thrift stores, street hustlers, and donations. With this project, she attempts to elevate the mundane and tedious umbilical cord of electronics to a crescendo of light and color.

The state of being “turned on” is one of implicit power, metaphorically represented by a winking tree of power strips and chargers in a dark room. The at best, forgettable, and at worst, nuisance glow of an indicator light is allowed to shine for its own sake in this project, not as a shuttle of power to other things.

March 7, 5pm-6pm, Join the CounterPulse Project Space for the final night of Alice Combs’ residency building the light installation, Total Turn On.