Audience Reactions to FACT/SF and Lenora Lee Dance

by Shamsher / September 16th, 2011 / Posted in: Archive, Artists in Residence, CounterPULSE, FACT/SF, Lenora Lee, Video.

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1 Response to Audience Reactions to FACT/SF and Lenora Lee Dance

  1. Wei Ming Dariotis, PhD

    I was really impressed with Lenora Lee’s Reflections, which was a nuanced modern dance production borrowing from martial arts and lion dance to convey a multi-faceted and emotionally intense narrative.

    The incorporation of multimedia was skillful, fresh, and powerful–especially the ending!

    As for the first performance, as someone trained in post-modern literary and cultural studies, and a great lover of dance in many forms, I can only say I was deeply disappointed. Post-modern dance, when done well, can reveal truths about humanity. However, I, and my friends (a group pf 5 ethnically diverse, highly educated experienced observers of the arts) found Pretonically Oriented v.3 trite and trying at best.

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