Late Stage San Francisco

Maryam Farnaz Rostami/MFR Productions19674969454_e4fb18d2d1_z

AUG 28-29, FRI-SAT at 8PM

What becomes a San Franciscan most? Is it the well-cultivated taste for kombucha, the willingness to pay for $4 toast, or is it the urge and the means to disrupt us into a new entrepreneurial dimension?

In her one-woman show, “Late Stage San Francisco”, Maryam Farnaz Rostami contemplates the future of San Francisco with solutions ranging from the technological to the preposterous, confronting  disappointment as well as hope in her vision of the future.

Maryam Farnaz Rostami has made work in San Francisco for the last 7 years, both solo (2011’s Persepolis, Texas) and with an ensemble (2012’s Persian Looking). She spent the better part of the last few years working with the performance collaborative Nicole Kidman is Fucking Gorgeous co-founded with Mica Sigourney and co-artistic directed with Sigourney and John Foster Cartwright.



Zombies; why death is dying or are you working hard enough?

Ruairí Donovan (IE) in collaboration with Cathy Walsh (IE), Jassem Hindi (FR), Louise Trueheart (FR), & Mica Sigourney (US)20512060622_6e7c774263_z

OCT 31st, SAT at 11:59PM – DAWN 

Beginning at Midnight and ending at Dawn performers will become mediators and audience will become collaborators as we engage risk, intimacy and collective action to imagine a new future.

This is an act of resistance. There is no crisis of economy, only a crisis of imagination. Zombies of immaterial labor roam freely fettered to a cycle of self production followed by self consumption, each and every human experience has become commodified.

Imagine a world that operates differently to this one, what does it look like? A critically acclaimed international ensemble of Queer performance makers spread themselves across the public’s table for this overnight feast, setting into motion a vortex which pulls the spectator into action to dream a new future while the rest of the city sleeps comfortably in their beds.



For more information, check out the artist website.


Rewriting Dance

Hope Mohr Dance’s Bridge Project, in association with Counterpulse, presents Rewriting Dance

Featuring Deborah Hay, Jeanine Durning, Alva Noë, Michèle Steinwald and ten local artists

Hope Mohr

Featured: Jeanine Durning Photo: Ian Douglas

Rewriting Dance explores the intersection of language and choreographic thinking through a full weekend of workshop and performance. Featuring Deborah Hay, a pioneer in experimental, question-based choreography; Jeanine Durning, Hay’s longtime collaborator; Minneapolis-based curator Michéle Steinwal, UC Berkeley Professor Alva Noë, and ten local artists.


NOV 7-8, SAT-SUN, 12PM-5PM: Jeanine Durning’s what we do when we do the thing we do before we know what we are doing. 

A full two-day, rare opportunity for artists of all kinds to investigate creative practice, choreography, and performance through acceptance of “not knowing” as a generative state with acclaimed NYC-based choreographer and performer, Jeanine Durning. TICKETS >>


NOV 6, FRI at 8PM: Jeanine Durning’s inging – The practice of unscripted nonstop language as performance. Part spoken word performance, part reverie, part dance, part oral biography, part mediation and psychotherapy, inging is a choreography of the mind, moving in the continuous present. TICKETS >>

NOV 7, SAT at 6PM: Reorganizing Ourselves with Deborah Hay, professor Alva Noë, curator Michèle Steinwald – A conversation in three parts about perception, consciousness, and the connection between art and science. TICKETS >>

NOV 8, SUN at 7PM: Talk the Walk: Local Artists at the Intersection of Language and Choreographic Thinking – Featuring Gerald Casel, Maurya Kerr, Megan Nicely, Hope Mohr, Lauren Simpson, and Maureen Whiting. TICKETS >>


Further information about all events can be found at Hope Mohr Dance’s The Bridge Project. For questions about all events, please email



King Tide

Nina Haft & Company

Dancers: (l-r) Rogelio Lopez, Rebecca Johnson, Edmer Lazaro, Andrew Merrell

Dancers: (l-r) Rogelio Lopez, Rebecca Johnson, Edmer Lazaro, Andrew Merrell

NOV 13-15, FRI-SAT at 8:00PM, SUN at 7:00PM

King Tide is a series of performances and conversations about water, climate change and the natural forces that shape our world.

King Tide is a practice and performance of listening with our bodies to the natural world. Through movement, we are remembering how to respond to subtle changes in our watersheds. Can we learn this before it is too late? Will you join us?





See the Nina Haft & Company website for more information.