Contact Improvisation Class & Jam: MAY 2015

Photo: Jun Akiyama

Class: 6:30-8:00PM (Beginning-Intermediate Level)

Instructor for May: Krista DeNio

Jam: 8:00-11:30PM

$15 Single Class, $5 Single Jam, $18 for both

Shifting Viewpoints/ Flying dreams:
Working back and forth between a focus on anatomy/ body-systems, Contact skills (pouring weight, using structure to climb & fly, momentum and physics), and Composition (how we tune into time, space and the dance), we will continually explore different ways into the dance.  We will dive deep into one viewpoint, then shift focus and again, and again, finding at least (3) ways into similar pathways, ‘problems’ to solve, ways of being and seeing, in the dance.



THIS IS WHAT I WANT FESTIVAL 2015: desire as fuel.

Photographer: Monica Semergiu

We want you.

What do you want?

Each year, the THIS IS WHAT I WANT performance festival asks its artists and audiences to explore their desires. This year, Tessa Wills and crystal am nelson present a triple bill of artists revealing hidden desires, unheard voices and invisible body parts.

Come to the festival and enter an unapologetically erotically embodied space. Cristina Victor’s “Ass Capital: Reflections of a Contemporary Culo” will be an auto-ethnographic, TED talk style lecture lead by Victor’s ASS. Pale Breast’s “Love Puppet,” invites audience members to probe their relationship to power and control through direct manipulation of the performer’s body. In Gigi Otálvaro-Hormillosa’s new work “Psychic Gold,” she stages images of desire and converses with historical and contemporary figures like Freud, Sor Juana, and men of different backgrounds to reflect on female “masculinities.”

Manipulate Pale Breast. Shake your ass with Cristina. Watch Gigi work her psychic gold.

Stoke the fire of your desire.




Special Note: MAY 29TH – NUDE NIGHT:
Following TIWIW 2014’s wildly popular Nude Night, TIWIW 2015 will present an intimate, clothing-optional night of performances on Friday, May 29th.
To opt in to participate in Nude Night, purchase the “Nudist” ticket option, which saves you $5 off the lowest ticket price. This pays for nude entrance. Then, at the theater, there will be a $1 tax per article of clothing that you would like to wear, excluding socks and shoes. We invite you to share in the state of vulnerability with performers, exploring a shared intimacy. Think extreme coat-check.
You do not have to participate in the clothing optional aspect of this night and can simply buy a regular ticket ($40-20). Just don’t say we didn’t warn you — there will be nudity, and we ask you be aware and respectful.


Don’t miss the THIS IS WHAT I WANT Festival Symposium on June 3, 8PM >> DETAILS


THIS IS WHAT I WANT Festival Symposium

Led by crystal am nelson


Do you spend hours trolling okc & Craigslist?

Want a space that allows you to feel the connection between lube and theory?

Wanna get sexy with smart queers of all kinds?

This year’s TIWIW Festival Symposium, led by crystal am nelson, will delve into hidden desire in relation to race as proposed by the artists’ work. Bring your thinking home after the visceral experiences of the weekend. Explore desire as fuel in your world. Get your body involved in your political enquiries.

Be visible. Cruise Smarter.


A Lesbian’s Guide To Self Care

Kat Marie Yoas

JUN 5-7, FRI-SAT at 8PM, SUN at 7PM

A Lesbian’s Guide To Self Care, is a comedic, feminist, crystal laden, bath house soaked, astrologically drunken hero-journey. In Kat Marie Yoas’ latest one woman show, she finds the road to wellness is under construction and bumpy at best. She is a midwestern working class lady who believes she is clueless and seeks to find herself in the uncharted landscape of San Francisco woo — from psychic dating services to healing grief with a massage, she ventures deep to find her place and connection in a world which is increasingly plugged in and disconnected.