Zedekiah Schild

September 17, 2020 – February 2021

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“Francesca Mann and Rooster”,acrylic and goache on canvas, 60″ x 48″, 2020, Zedekiah Schild


Zedekiah Schild’s body of works is informed by the dissonance of modern life and relationships to it. Before suffering a disabling spinal fracture in 2018, he worked as a carpenter. The new shape of his ability status has led him to the subject matter of this series.

His current practice explores narratives constructed with found objects and obscure historical imagery. The mediums are assembled around an internal dialogue and manifest into a more tactile realm…” my gut reactions around the divergence of American dominant culture family paradigms and the reality of the modern working-class experience. This manifests in themes of isolation, vulnerability, fragility and resilience. 

He was born in Eugene, Oregon, and studied at Portland State University, currently living and working in San Francisco, CA.

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