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Yannis Adoniou/KUNST-STOFF, Catherine Clambaneva & Leonidas Kassapides

San Francisco, CA

Yannis Adoniou, the artistic director of KUNST-STOFF, has become known for his unusual and highly visual theatrical dance works, which merge different art forms, often creating unexpected collisions and provocative beauty. His next artistic project will explore the origins and evolution of Rembetiko in a collaboration with singer Catherine Clambaneva, and shadow theater artist Leonidas Kassapides. Rembetiko music — similar to that of the tango, flamenco, the blues, and Fado — was born out of sorrow, pain, desire, and yearnings, specifically those of Turkish Greek refugees seeking to adjust to a new life in a new country, far from home.

October 21-24 and 28-30, 2012 – 8pm @ ODC

For more information and tickets visit ODC’s website

Choreography: Yannis Adoniou
Vocals: Catherine Clambaneva
Shadow Theater: Leonidas Kassapides

Rembetiko is the “illegal” folk music of the underground hashish dens of Pireaus and Thessaloniki, frequently compared to the American blues as a form of musical expression for the desperate and despairing. The Greco-Turkish War uprooted some two million people, and Rembetiko gave voice to their extreme anguish. Using elements of Greek folk and post-modern dance, darkness and song, choreographer Yannis Adoniou, vocalist Catherine Clambaneva and shadow theater artist Leonidas Kassapides excavate their homeland’s history to create a sensorially captivating work.

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