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Xandra Ibarra (AKA La Chica Boom)

Fuck My Life (FML)

SEP 20-30, 2012, THU-SUN at 8PM

In an era rife with rampant Mexiphobia, a foul-mouthed cockroach maps the journey of a queer burlesque performer named La Chica Boom. After 10 years of performing Spic-tacles on and off stage, La Chica Boom is forced to interrogate her method for insurrection. Inspired by the original Mexican spitfire Lupe Velez who purportedly died with her head in the toilet, Chica spends night after night pacing her bathroom floor and staring into the porcelain bowl.

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“Her performance managed to pack a hefty critique of the surveillance of queer bodies in contemporary culture into less than 10 minutes. Her satirical rendition of burlesque, rather than an intricate and titillating dance, plainly begged the question: “What is there left to see?” Using Chicana and feminist iconography, La Chica Boom pushes at the boundaries of the term “queer,” advocating for a broader application of the word than in reference to sexuality alone.”— Kate Conger, SF Weekly

“The self-described Chican@ performance artist and community organizer uses drag, burlesque, and other stage conventions to blow [racial, political, sexual, and gender issues] to smithereens (or, as she puts it, “destabilize white heteropatriarchy”).”
— Hiya Swanhuyser, SF Weekly


Xandra Ibarra — Performer

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Xandra Ibarra is a Bay Area based performer that performs under the alias of La Chica Boom. You can catch her making tacos with her panties, giving birth to hitachi wands, and dominating piñatas at gay bars, theaters, museums, and nightclubs throughout the country. Her work ranges from short acts to full-length escandalos, includes original costuming, and pushes sexual and racial boundaries. La Chica Boom’s special brand of burlesque and ethnic drag have been showcased at The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (SF), ACT Theater (SEA), and the Burlesque Hall of Fame (Las Vegas) to name a few.

Evan Johnson — Director

Evan Johnson is a director, actor, playwright and physical theatre artist living in San Francisco, CA. His performance work incorporates character and personage as well as story and text experiments, movement, improvisation and masks. Evan is a graduate of The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre in Blue Lake, CA. In 2010, Evan presented his original play for one actor, “DON’T FEEL: The Death of Dahmer” (with 11.11 Art Group) at Mama Calizo’s Factory as a DIY Resident Artist. He is currently researching solo performance modalities and experimenting with images and texts related to childhood, sexuality and make-believe.


Archived Events

Lost and Found: Bay Area Edition

SFMOMA's Open Space presents Annie Danger, Xandra Ibarra, Monique Jenkinson, Rhodessa Jones, Keith Hennessy, Brontez Purnell, Helen Shumaker, and Amara Tabor-Smith
February 4, 2017, Saturday 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Homo File & Fuck My Life (FML)

Seth Eisen & Xandra Ibarra
SEP 20-30 & SEP 20-30, 2012, THU-SUN at 8PM

Work-in-Progress: Seth Eisen & Xandra Ibarra

Seth Eisen & Xandra Ibarra
JUL 26, 2012, THU at 6:30PM

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