About This Artist

Vera Hannush/VERA! (they/them) is a queer Armenian American drag king, dancer, and community activist. VERA is a member and host of the Rebel Kings of Oakland, a member of SWANA Kings (South West Asian North African drag king collective), board member of Oaklash, the Bay Area Drag Festival, and member of Drag Queen Story Hour – Bay Area. They are the father of the House of Pack and the current Mx. Starsearch 2022.


About this Project

This work encompasses dance, drag, theater, performance, comedy, and art as healing. “Try, Hye” (“Try, Armenian”) is a narrative arc of VERA! being taught by different queer SWANA diasporic dance teachers, learning the movement, experiencing trial and error, failure and success, culminating in a performance with those teachers, Step Up: SWANA Edition. The audience will see and experience the learning process, the void of cultural knowledge that queer SWANA people seek to fill, and celebrate the end culminating achievement. 


Collaborators: queer, SWANA, diasporic dancers/choreographers/artists, including:
Shady Bee, Iraqi Drag Queen and bellydancer
Hrayr, Armenian dancer and community activist
Anoush Ellah, Armenian Drag Queen and bellydancer
Basinah Raqs, Co-founder, Asheq Collective, Queer SWANA bellydance collective


Image Description: VERA! Stands in profile, wearing a red bellydance top with jingle belt, and deep red eyeshadow, gold under eyeshadow, long, wavy brown hair, large Armenian eyebrows, painted mustache and beard, and a deep red lip.

Photo: Kane C. Andrade

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featuring Audrey Johnson & Nkeiruka Oruche

Thursday – Saturday June 2-4 & 9-11, 2022


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Performing Diaspora Residency 2022

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