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Image Description: VERA! Stands in profile, wearing a red bellydance top with jingle belt, and deep red eyeshadow, gold under eyeshadow, long, wavy brown hair, large Armenian eyebrows, painted mustache and beard, and a deep red lip.

Vera Hannush/VERA! (they/them) is a queer Armenian American drag king, dancer, and community activist. VERA is a member and host of the Rebel Kings of Oakland, a member of SWANA Kings (South West Asian North African drag king collective), board member of Oaklash, the Bay Area Drag Festival, and member of Drag Queen Story Hour – Bay Area. They are the father of the House of Pack and the current Mx. Starsearch 2022. @veritas_22


About this Project

This work encompasses dance, drag, theater, performance, comedy, and art as healing. “Try, Hye!” (“Try, Armenian!”) is a narrative arc of VERA! being taught by different queer SWANA diasporic dance teachers, learning the movement, experiencing trial and error, failure and success, culminating in a performance with those teachers, Step Up: SWANA Edition. The audience will see and experience the learning process, the void of cultural knowledge that queer SWANA people seek to fill, and celebrate the end culminating achievement.


Collaborators: queer, SWANA, diasporic dancers/choreographers/artists, including:

Shady Bee, Iraqi Drag Queen and bellydancer, @iamshadybee
Hrayr, Armenian dancer and community activist, @hrayr_huh_died
Anoush Ellah, Armenian Drag Queen and bellydancer, @anoush_ellah
Basinah Raqs, Co-founder, Asheq Collective, Queer SWANA bellydance collective, @basinahdances


Photo: Kane C. Andrade




Get a sneak peek into VERA!’s rehearsal process in their blog below!

O Hye I Didn’t See You There



Learn more about the ARC Performing Diaspora Performances featuring Vera Hannush/VERA! and Unsettled/Soiled Group

Thursday – Saturday, December 8-10 & 15-17, 2022


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Performing Diaspora Residency 2022

Vera Hannush/VERA! & Unsettled/Soiled Group
Thursday - Saturday, December 8-10 & 15-17 at 8PM PT

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