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Miriam Wolodarski / Sense Object

Of Limb and Language

MAR 21-30, THU-SAT at 8PM
FREE pre-show workshops with richien MAR 23 & 30, SAT from 4-6PM
Post-show dance-back with Miriam Wolodarski MAR 22 & 29, FRI**

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“Verbal false limb: an expression that is artificially inflated to be longer and more important-sounding than it actually is.”

This performance description will fail;
our hearts are at the tips of our tongues.
We read the papers, parsing the sanitization and distancing of tragedy, the rationalization of terror and injustice through euphemism and legal jargon, wading through the heaps of absurd propaganda, the politesse, the vulgar images of violence and eroticism. We are powerful and helpless, words under our fingernails and grammar stuck between our teeth.
What does it mean to mean it? What’s the sense of making sense? — Let’s dance. The body never lies, until someone dares to ask what it’s all about.
Intellectual conundrum made visceral, we dance, roll, wrestle, hurl ourselves at one other. The truth is neither here nor there, in both places at once, and nowhere to be found.

Of Limb and Language is a game show, a communicational tragicomedy, a brutal love affair between semantics and somatics.

Collaborators: Kevin Dockery, Rosemary Hannon, Andrew Lundberg, Leslie Howabauten-Castellano, Gabrielle Wolodarski

**Taking the place of the traditional talk-back, dance-back will be a short, lightly facilitated improvisational practice that invites the audience to reflect and share thoughts through dance, writing and speech. No experience of any kind required.

Miriam Wolodarski

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Miriam Wolodarski is a performance maker. After a Bachelor’s in Political Science from Uppsala Universitet and a Masters in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University, she has devoted herself to creating original works, which include: Aliens on ICE: borderline dreaming in America, ismene’s(a)wake, Say Something, Lavinia!, Sense Object, MONSTERHEAD: songs to stay home to, Stop-Walk-Sit-Lie, The Crane & The Crocodile, and The Ladder Study. She has performed for Scott Wells & Dancers, Karl Frost/Body Research, Sara Shelton Mann, Guillermo Gomez-Peña, Katarina Eriksson, Cathie Caraker, Barbara Dilley, Barney O’Hanlon & Leon Ingulsrud (SITI Co.), Wendell Beavers, Steve Wangh, Carol Katz, and Not Man Apart. Miriam also works as a freelance writer, translator and phonetician.


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*USF offers a Major in Performing Arts and Social Justice with a Dance emphasis and a Dance Minor Contact: Megan Nicely, Dance Program Coordinator; [email protected]  415.422.3318


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