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Lisa Townsend Company


MAR 22-25, THU-SUN

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Empathy defines humanity.  Drawing inspiration from the French Existentialist novel L’Etranger (The Stranger) by Albert Camus, indifference explores empathy, and lack there of, in society as it loosely follows the story’s protagonist Meursault, whose humanity is expressed in the unbearable heat of the day. The scorching sun penetrates his body, consuming his rational mind, and in a single moment he squeezes the trigger at close range, terminating another’s life. Examining the absurd psychological cul-de-sac that is modernity, Townsend’s piece explores and deconstructs the existential dilemmas of Camus’ character, delivering a moving commentary on cruelty, remorse and indifference, the perils of free will, and the societal burdens imposed on cultural outsiders — strangers.

Lisa Townsend investigates with movers Christine Bonansea, Patrick Cashman, Brenton Cheng, Eric Garcia, and Erin Mei-Ling Stuart at her side. Live music by Michael Bello (sax), Piro Patton (bass) & Dave Mihaly (drums) and video by Piro Patton further enliven the scene.

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Lisa Townsend Company

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Lisa Townsend Company performs experimental contemporary dance that draws on raw physicality, intimate gesture, and a theatrical sensibility. LTCo has been presented in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Europe. LTCo has co-produced evenings at L.A.C.E., L.A.’s Downtown Playhouse, ODC Theater and for two seasons at Joyce SoHo in NYC. They have received support from Meet the Composer, Marin Arts Council, Theater Bay Area CA$H, Zellerbach Family Foundation, as a resident company at ODC Theater and Creative Capital Fellow at Headlands Center for the Arts. “As a choreographer, I look for moments of resonance between bodies, the expression of ideas through gesture and intimate touch, testing the limits of trust. In collaboration with visual and theatrical artists, writers and composers, we are committed to creating innovative, timely and meaningful work.”


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indifference & MASTERWORK

Mica Sigourney & Lisa Townsed
MAR 22-25, 2012 THU-SUN at 8PM

Work in Progress: Lisa Townsend & Mica Sigourney

Lisa Townsend & Mica Sigourney
FEB 16, 2012, THU at 7PM

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