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Laura Arrington

Summer 2010 Artist in Residence

Laura Arrington’s work has been shown as part of the Women on the Way Festival, The Lab’s 25th Anniversary, The National Queer Arts Festival, as part of Keith Hennessy’s benefit “Sustain” [Read more…]

Performing Thursday-Sunday, August 5-8, 8pm

“Hot Wings“

Laura Arrington’s “Hot Wings” a dance that’s probably feminist, examines artifice and authenticity in representations of sex, gender, and violence. Set in a cardboard castle, the dance theater piece follows a cast of four women as they sing, scream, and dance towards resolution. Inspired by birds, family, and the ballet “Firebird” Hot Wing aims directly at the fabricated in an effort to uncover what actually is “feminine.” Performers include Atosa Babaoff, Rachael Dichter, Liz Tenuto, and Ashley West Roberts.


Laura is performing with Jesse Hewit

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