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Krista DeNio — Winter 2014 Artist in Residence

About Krista DeNio

Krista DeNio is a choreographer, director, performer, writer and educator, committed to developing new forms of performance work, and evolving interdisciplinary thinking and creation between the fields of dance and theater. She collaborates with many artists across disciplines to create collaborative, interdisciplinary performance productions. From original solo theater works, to ensemble dance-theater, community-derived, interview-based theater projects, structured improvisations, and site-specific performance, she is invested in the form that best serves the situation. The work seeks to investigate the interrelationship between deeply personal, intimate, individuals truths with the larger global [social and political] versions of these same issues.

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About the CONTACT project

MAR 14-15, FRI-SAT at 8PM
MAR 20-23, THU-SAT at 8PM, SUN at 3PM

the CONTACT project is bridging the divide between veterans and non-veteran civilians, by bringing us all to the stage to talk about war, ourselves and what we can learn together. In addition to our live performances, we’re also building the CONTACT project online. We hope this virtual experience will bring each of you into the conversation, giving you an opportunity to ask yourselves the same questions we are asking ourselves.

As a participant you will receive one question a week in your email. Simply click on the question to share your response and view other people’s responses. It’s anonymous and will take less than a minute each

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Photographer: Christopher Kuckenbaker

More on the CONTACT project

MAR 14-15, FRI-SAT at 8PM
MAR 20-23, THU-SAT at 8PM, SUN at 3PM

The CONTACT project is a contemporary performance training and development model, bringing together mixed ensembles of veterans of war and military service with non-veteran civilians, to co-create an audience-interactive performance installation.

Acknowledging the societal divide between veterans and the rest of the civilian population, CONTACT asks us to consider our relationships with territory, survival, violence, trauma and our real and perceived needs as individuals and communities.  What do we have in common? Where do we differ? What can we learn from our different, but connected histories?  Investigating our individual, daily realities, personal histories and [connection to/disconnect from] war, we begin to trace patterns in relationship with our communities, and the larger global events. One to one relationship building, in the context of larger group performative sharing [performers and audience] becomes an intimate, global experience.

Phase one of the CONTACT project was developed in Western Massachusetts, in collaboration with Matthew Mitchell’s 100 Faces of War Experience.org.

The project is currently in phase two of development, through the CounterPULSE Artist Residency Commissioning Program (ARC), with an evening-length, Bay Area premiere to take place in Winter 2014/15. The project will continue to refine its working model with the contributions of each community and ensemble, with the intention to become a resource for multiple communities.

Archived Events

EchoTheaterSuitcase: Stand Ground

OCT 13-15, 20-22, THU-SAT 8PM

Silenced & the CONTACT project

Krista DeNio and Charya Burt
MARCH 14-23, 2014, THU-SAT at 8PM, MARCH 23, SUN at 3PM

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