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Kegan Marling

2011 Artist in Residence

Kegan Marling is a performer, artist and arts-administrator from the San Francisco Bay Area. Kegan has been performing for the past 20 years with artists including Scott Wells, Della Davidson, Lea Anderson, Nigel Charnock and Jane Schnorrenberg. Marling was the co-director of the Renaud-Wilson Dance Festival and has served on the Isadora Duncan Dance Awards Committee, Dance/USA’s national task force on Emerging Leaders, the San Francisco Bay Area Emerging Arts Professionals Group, and has served on arts panels including the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Djerassi Resident Artists Program. He is Program Director at Dancers’ Group, and a collaborating artist with the MuseMapWalk think-tank and Della Davidson’s Sideshow Physical Theatre.

Photographer: David Papas, www.papas.com

Performing Thursday-Sunday, March 31-April 3, 8pm

Jump ship mid way

Jump ship mid way & Friend ImageGrown up. It’s what we become once we take on a certain degree of social responsibility – for a partner (marriage), a child (parenthood) or a community (military duty). But for many queer youth, there can be many obstacles to obtaining this cultural acceptance. We grow into an understanding of how the world works with few models of how to transition from gay youth to gay adult to gay elder. Or what it even means to be a “gay adult.” Jump ship mid way imagines some of the unique paths to community acceptance navigated by gay men, and some of the traps and treasures of a queer community which frequently elevates youth and which is uncertain of a need for “adulthood.”

Cast: James Graham, Kegan Marling, Mica Sigourney, Nol Simonse

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Kegan Marling will be performing Jump ship mid way as a double bill with Dandelion Dancetheater.

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Jump Ship Mid Way

Kegan Marling & Mica Sigourney
OCT 10-19, 2014, THU-SAT at 8PM, SUN at 7PM

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