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Jesse Hewit / Strong Behavior

Summer 2010 Artist in Residence

Jesse Hewit is a San Francisco and Brooklyn based artist and performer. He holds a BFA from NYU/Tisch/Experimental Theater Wing [Read More…]

Performing Thursday-Sunday, August 5-8, 8pm

“Tell Them That You Saw Me”

“Tell Them That You Saw Me” is a dance theater work that visually and kinetically considers the high art of performing feminine subjectivities within contemporary narratives. As a movement and sculpture-based adaptation of the two canonical play texts “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett and “Death of a Salesman” by Arthur Miller, the work employs five women meditating on militarism and unison voices/bodies, on the elaboration of costume and facade, and ultimately, engaging in a theoretical and choreographic investigation of the social condition of groups versus individuals, of absorption versus barrage, and of floating versus sinking…and drowning. The piece uses lipstick, repetition, sacred hymns, fatigue, large tanks of water, and sex stories to explode archetypes of existentialism, gender, and connectivity.

Jesse is performing with Laura Arrington


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