Interested in livestreaming at CounterPulse?

What we offer:

One of our two spaces:

  1. Our Studio/Theater: 28.5ft wide x 28’ deep x 16’4” high to lighting grid ceiling height.  Fully sprung hardwood floor covered with black marley, with full stage theater lighting capabilities
  2. Our Upstairs Studio: 28ft wide x 24′ deep x 10’4″ high to ceiling trusses. Fully sprung hardwood floor with wooden floorboards, simple overhead lighting


  • 45 Mbps down/25 Mbps up internet (average speeds), suitable for high bandwidth livestreaming, or wireless NDI integration
  • 1 ring light (3 colors, dimmable), mounted on desk clamp


You will need to bring:

  • Your streaming device (e.g. a laptop)
  • Your camera or webcam
  • Any additional props, equipment, or additional lighting (e.g. your own green screen)


Additional specialty items that we have:

  • 1 cinema-grade camera with Panasonic 25mm F1.7 lens (rental of this item requires a CounterPulse technician for use)
  • 1 HDMI-in to NDI-out converter, for use with high definition cameras
  • 1 wireless lavalier microphone kit
  • 1 Zoom H1n recorder on mini-tripod, for high definition USB audio
  • 1 phone mount for camera tripod
  • A streaming device, if you do not have one
  • OBS and streaming consultation