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Become a CounterPulse Producer

You know a good investment when you see one. CounterPulse has a strong history of social and fiscal responsibility. We create lasting impacts in the health of the communities we serve. Your support of CounterPulse at the $5,000 level or above makes you a critical partner in our work. You’ll support our local artists, vivify our communities through shared creative experiences, and ensure CounterPulse beats on.

Become a Luminary Member with a gift of $5,000+ each year and underwrite a portion of our annual operations, in addition to receiving full CounterPulse membership benefits and a direct line to CounterPulse leadership.

If you are looking to make a big difference, we want to talk to you. Email Kat Trataris to get the conversation started:

Photo: Keith Hennessy / Circo Zero’s Turbulence, Photo by Robbie Sweeny

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