CounterPulse and ArtSpan presents

Tracy Taylor Grubbs

BLUE IS THE MIND #2 roller ball pen on paper, 25" x 19.5", 2013.

BLUE IS THE MIND #2 roller ball pen on paper, 25″ x 19.5″, 2013.

Open from May 26 – July 25 // Gallery open 45 minutes before showtimes and by appointment.

In art and in life, I seem to be searching for ways to let the static experience of a single view give way to the ecstatic possibilities of the ephemeral. I make art as a way to explore philosophical and spiritual questions that interest me. Most of my works are visual metaphors that expand or deepen my understanding of the world.

Below are some more words about each body of work included in this show. I am grateful to Hope Mohr Dance for the opportunity to show this work and to continue to explore the intersection of movement and mark making.

Blue is the Mind in Borrow of the Body

These drawings are made one slow line at a time. I am inspired by the simplicity of this practice, but what keeps me coming back to it is the experience of watching the whole emerge from the accretion of the singular. Each drawing is built up slowly over time and each line is influenced in some way by the one that came before it. Nonetheless, I have no idea what the finished drawing will look like until I get there. The title of the series comes from a quote by writer William H. Gass,” Blue is the mind in borrow of the body; it is the color consciousness becomes when caressed.”

Smoke Ensos

Traditionally made with sumi-e ink, the enso is a hand-drawn circle made in one or two uninhibited brush strokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create. The enso is often considered to be a complete expression of the present moment and the mind state of the hand that created it. To make this set of enso, I relied on the unpredictable element of smoke (created by burning the handles of old paint brushes as well as candles). The paintings must be suspended upside down while still semi-wet in order to let the smoke adhere to the surface.

Lost Landscapes

How might the transition from one seemingly solid form to another reveal new truths about the world? The Lost Landscape series presents an opening or tearing away from the ordered, but limited world of language, so that another horizon might be revealed. This organic landscape is the foundation upon which all life depends, including the life of the mind.