Pallavi Sharma

September 11–November 6, 2018

Gallery open 45 minutes before showtimes

Soliloquy, Photography

Soliloquy, Photography

Pallavi is a multidisciplinary artist, and her research interest concerns Asian American women’s cultural production, and activism. She is a board member of Asian American Women Artist Association (AAWAA) and Director of ‘Inner Eye Art, a nonprofit arts organization, San Ramon, CA. Pallavi received her BFA and MFA (Art History) at the Faculty of Fine Arts Baroda, India and Ph.D. from National Museum Institute of History of Art, Museology, and Conservation. She presently teaches at the California College of the Arts.


Presented in Partnership with ArtSpan’s Art-in-Neighborhoods Program:
ArtSpan’s Art-in-Neighborhoods program serves the city of San Francisco by connecting communities with local artists while activating spaces with vibrant, locally-made artwork. ArtSpan partners with local businesses and building owners to bring art exhibitions and art events to businesses, dormant storefronts, and empty spaces for lease that seek artwork for their blank walls. Local artists who are ArtSpan members are given the opportunity to display, promote, and sell their artwork in these diverse venues. All aspects of the program allow otherwise unused walls, spaces, or properties to become creative arenas for celebrating local arts.

The Art-In-Neighborhoods program strives to create visibility and accessibility for local arts in San Francisco. ArtSpan provides the public with free, high quality arts exposure. Simultaneously, local ArtSpan artists are given the opportunity to promote and sell their artwork. Each of the Art-In-Neighborhoods exhibitions and community events will provide clear, consistent information about ArtSpan programing to educate the public about ArtSpan’s goals and how to become a supporter – by attending our events and buying artwork from local artists!

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