CounterPulse and ArtSpan presents

Kat Geng

Under The Hood, 2016. Acrylic, latex paints and found objects on concrete and wood panel.

Under The Hood, 2016.
Acrylic, latex paints and found objects on concrete and wood panel.

Open from April 20, 2017 – May 23, 2017 // Gallery open 45 minutes before showtimes and by appointment.

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Kat Geng on her installation of sculptures in the CounterPulse gallery:

Most of my sculptures beg to be touched, they mischievously tempt with worn toys and alluring textures and insinuate, with knobs and nozzles, that they depend on your touch to function. As a manipulator of reclaimed belongings and a former art conservator, I see the ramifications of fingers on objects as strikingly irreversible, but as a human seeking connection, touch unleashes another sort of experience, accessing a different memory and enabling movement. My sculptures and installations often teeter on the edge of this dilemma.

The concept of home has been at the root of my creative investigations in found objects and paint. Each playful environment and colorful assemblage I have created stems from my peripatetic life spanning the last decade. The work reflects the careful consideration, consequences and adaptations required for a life in flux. My interest in home has expanded to include the re-imagination of private spaces and the exploration of the connection that our surroundings have to our behavior.

My most recent works explore recurring themes of attachment, intimacy and suffering through shared experience and viewer interaction. What if a chair could quiet one’s mind, if home could come in this-size-fits-you equipped for all your needs and neuroses, if a suitcase could speak in soliloquies or a bathtub could foster an intimate moment in a parking lot between perfect strangers. What if by imagining many worlds I can digest ours and then arrive at the absurd, the improbable, only to conclude that it is not. What if, What if.