Matchbox Lab #2

Kim Ip & Dasha Ortenberg
Tues, Oct 22, 7:00-9:00pm
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 Spark something new.

Matchbox is an art+tech interactive lab series, hosted at CounterPulse with partners ZERO1 & Kinetech Arts, that seeds collaboration beyond discipline.

Designed as public practicum labs, Matchbox pairs creative technologists with dancers and choreographers to spark critical investigations and seed cutting-edge works.

Matchbox creates an opportunity for these two creative communities to find places of overlapping values, and serves as a framework for a more collaborative urban arts ecology. The public is invited to the labs below to join as project participants and viewers.

Matchbox artists are encouraged to further develop work for DanceHack 2020.

Matchbox Lab #2: Kim Ip <> Dasha Ortenberg

Kim Ip & Dasha Ortenberg invite you to explore how the body responds to cultural and sensory experiences in public spaces. The project first positions the street as a series of informal outdoor “rooms” set against a formal urban proscenium. It then investigates the interrelationships of the formal and informal uses of these streetscapes, as enacted by the moving body. Using site-specific research and data collection in the Tenderloin, we prototype the idea of redefining urban form through unexpected uses and spontaneous interactions.  Three dimensional objects, animated frames, and mock-up spaces generated from the data then question how a built environment can catalyze cultural expression.

Kim Ip

Kim Ip/Krimm is a choreographer and performer who uses her choreography to undermine the stereotypes and expectations of the performing womxns’ body as it relates to American Pop Culture. Her work critiques the mediated gaze of womxns’ bodies in media through physically exhausting dance and club culture aesthetic. She desires to create alternate experiences on stage that unhinge the viewer from what is comfortable by co-opting familiar imagery and utilising subtle distortion. Kim Ip/Krimm has received residencies from Shawl-Anderson Dance Center, SafeHouse Arts, and now Counterpulse.

Dasha Ortenberg

Dasha Ortenberg believes deeply in design’s ability to stimulate critical thought, highlight the weirdness of individuals, and reveal uncanny overlaps of (sub-)cultures. Her cross-scalar and cross-media approach to space is the result of a perpetual fascination with modes of human communication, collaboration, and cohabitation. Having emigrated from the Soviet Union as a child, she is driven by a deep gratitude to the United States for having provided the opportunity to pursue her passions and understand her heritage, and works to promote and propagate such opportunities for others.

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Matchbox is supported by the San Francisco Grants for the Arts’ Neighborhood Arts Collaborative.

Photo of Dasha Ortenberg courtesy of artist; photo of Kim Ip by Robbie Sweeny


October 22, 2019