Improvising the Net(Work)

Residency with ThoughtWorks Arts
KickOff Event Sept 15 as part of the CounterPulse Festival 2021
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ThoughtWorks Arts, a global technology research lab, and CounterPulse, an experimental and interdisciplinary dance and performance space in San Francisco have launched a new 16-week artistic residency opportunity working with a customizable network on-site at CounterPulse’s facility in downtown San Francisco.

h0t Club & Dilate Ensemble, presented their work September 15th online as part of the annual CounterPulse Festival.

The two collectives showed selections from their previous works, tying them into the residency theme of “Improvising the Net(Work).”

This kick-off event launched launched the start of their 16-week residencies, which will take place both at CounterPulse and online.


h0t club

h0t club is a psychedelic consumer-driven company of artist technologists and music makers performing the internet and beyond. The collective features Kate Bergstrom, Martim Galvão, Alex Dupuis, Todd Anderson, Miller Puckette and Bryan Jacobs.

Kate BergstromMartim Galvão and Miller Puckette will work with developers at Thoughtworks and the community of CounterPulse in San Francisco to develop and extend their performance work exploring entanglements with surveillance, systems infrastructures and the web.

Kate Bergstrom, Martim S. Galvão and Miller Puckette

Building bespoke performance systems and open source technologies with a mixture of vapor wave and agit prop aesthetics, h0t club compresses and compiles, through coding and new software platforms, guitar solos, Mozilla hubs, tubas of toothpaste, valerie bots and more in the original 3-D TECHNOLOGY, live performances and networks of Muzak-al culture jamming combatting dehumanization and corporate hegemony.

h0t club has been featured at Ars Nova, Culture Project NYC, Granoff Center for the Arts, San Diego Opera’s “Opera Hack”, Culture Hub at La Mama, Festival of Live Digital Art with HowlRound and more.

Dilate Ensemble

Dilate Ensemble is an audio-visual collective featuring multimedia installation artist Carole Kim and musicians Gloria DamijanScott L. MillerLuisa Muhr and Jon Raskin.

Gloria Damijan, Carole Kim, Scott L. Miller, Luisa Muhrand and Jon Raskin

In April 2020, Carole compressed her work in video installation to fit beneath her kitchen table, creating an intimate live “venue,” and invited Gloria, Scott, Luisa and Jon to work with Kim’s live visuals in a form of interactive improvisation-based dialogue.

Work is collaboratively developed, involving a shared visual element delivered over Zoom. Netty-McNetface is used to mix the audio in Scott’s studio, where he processes the audio tracks in Kyma—monitored by the ensemble in Netty—and OBS to produce a live a-v work that is streamed.

Dilate has embraced the latent nature of telematic performance, developing an artistic practice idiomatic to the venue of networked audio-visual art.


September 15, 2021