Thoughtworks Arts Improvising the Net(Work) Kick-off Talk

Dilate Ensemble and h0t club
Wed, September 15, 2021, 12PM PDT on Zoom
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Join the The Improvising the Net(Work) artist residents – Dilate Ensemble and h0t club – to learn about their upcoming projects!

About this event

The Improvising the Net(Work) residency was designed to explore what happens when an artist/creator(s) are able to move beyond established platforms, creating decentralized or never before imagined structures for building distributed yet connected environments. Two artist groups – Dilate Ensemble and h0t club – have been selected to engage in this 16 week residency with CounterPulse and Thoughtworks Arts. The two teams explore what is possible when the body, interconnectivity, visual and audio parameters, and liveness are brought together in new ways.

Join us on Zoom to learn about the projects as they embark on parallel residencies – part presentation from the artist groups and part roundtable conversation on the issues proposed by the residency the public will be invited to learn, share, and discuss.


About the Artists:

Dilate Ensemble

Dilate Ensemble is an audio-visual collective featuring:

Carole Kim (California): micro video installation

Gloria Damijan (Vienna): extended toy pianos, percussion

Scott L. Miller (Minnesota): Kyma, electronics

Luisa Muhr (New York): vocals

Jon Raskin (California): sax, concertina, electronics, recycled materials

In April 2020, Carole compressed her work in video installation to fit beneath her kitchen table, creating an intimate live “venue,” and invited Gloria, Scott, Luisa and Jon to work with Kim’s live visuals in a form of interactive improvisation-based dialogue. Work is collaboratively developed, involving a shared visual element delivered over Zoom. Netty-McNetface is used to mix the audio in Scott’s studio, where he processes the audio tracks in Kyma—monitored by the ensemble in Netty—and OBS to produce a live a-v work that is streamed. Dilate has embraced the latent nature of telematic performance, developing an artistic practice idiomatic to the venue of networked audio-visual art.


h0t club

A psychedelic consumer-driven company of artist technologists, and music makers performing the internet and beyond.

h0t club. @hotclubbin (Instagram) Featuring : Kate Bergstrom ( Martim Galvão ( Alex Dupuis ( Todd Anderson ( with Miller Puckette and Bryan Jacobs. Resident artists at Babycastles Gallery NYC, h0t club has been featured at ARS NOVA, CULTURE PROJECT NYC, BAI, GRANOFF CENTER FOR THE ARTS, San Diego Opera’s OPERA HACK, CULTURE HUB at LA MAMA, foldA FEST w/ HOWLROUND and more. Building bespoke performance systems and open source technologies with a mixture of vapor wave and agit prop aesthetics, h0t club compresses and compiles, through coding and new software platforms, guitar solos, Mozilla hubs, tubas of toothpaste, valerie bots and more in the original 3-D TECHNOLOGY, live performances and networks of Muzak-al culture jamming combatting dehumanization and corporate hegemony. Brought to you by our proud sponsor, MicroSonk® SuperLens™.

Dr. Miller Puckette (Harvard; mathematics) is known as the creator of Max and Pure Data. As an MIT undergraduate he won the 1979 Putnam mathematics competition. He was a researcher at the MIT Media lab from its inception until 1986, then at IRCAM, and is now professor of music at the University of California, San Diego. He has been a visiting professor at Columbia University and the Technical University of Berlin, and has received two honorary degrees and the SEAMUS award.

kate bergstrom, a queerdo (non-binary femme presenting), is an intermedia artist and director, mostly for theatre, but also for film and narrative work. a dramaturg, creative producer, new play whisperer and audio artist, their directorial work, described as “haunting, intimate and provocative,” blows up conventions to build heart-forward revelations. from turning somber christmas tropes into joyous queer celebrations of love to destigmatizing women in crisis using rhythmic wit, highly-saturated spectacle, and theatrical surprise, kate is on the hunt to unseat shame and be together better. their work has been featured at REDCAT, LACMA, Highways Performance Space, Ars Nova, Bushwick Starr, La Mama, Trinity Repertory Company, Itch Dance Journal and more. kate is also critic at rhode island school of design and co-teaches “performing the internet” at nyu + the new school. they hold a guest lectureship appointment at uc santa barbara and uc los angeles. as a consultant, kate helps develop strategic anti-racist, anti- sexist action plans for a number of corporations.

Martim S. Galvão is a multimedia artist and technologist exploring ideas related to consumer-facing technologies and the web. Galvão’s work has been featured at venues such as the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) and New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival (NYCEMF), among others. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Computer Music and Multimedia at Brown University.


September 15, 2021