Contact Improvisation Class & Jam: MAR 2015

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Instructor for February: Rosemary Hannon

Jam: 8:00-11:30PM

$15 Single Class, $5 Single Jam, $18 for both

Readiness (Contact Improvisation Fundamentals)

Contact Improvisation is a movement meditation, a compositional dance, a physical conversation, and an athletic practice. In this class, we will address physical and social/emotional readiness as we move out of habitual ways of relating. We will play with compositional ‘scores,’ improvisational structures that create limitations in order to open up possibilities.

The following physical skills will be investigated in this class series:

  •    Moving in shared-weight balance with others
  •    Readiness to fall and move into and out of floor level
  •    Rolling and surfing with others (soft sequential movement with awareness for weight sharing on the floor that translates to higher levels)
  •     Attending to both leading and following through physical listening
  •     Moving upside down, using hands for balance/support
  •     Ability to handle disorientation (head off the vertical axis)
  •     Ability to quickly adjust muscular tension (fluid vs. structural tone)
  •     Ability to lift others and be lifted using moving structures
  •     Ability to choose a variety of touch (rolling, sliding, sticking, directional)


March 10, 2015
6:30 pm - 11:30 pm
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