Amerta Movement Mini-Symposium: Ritual ~ Performance ~ Daily Life

Public Workshop, Discussion, and Informal Performances by Margit Galanter, Julie Nathanielsz, Mara Poliak, and Sally Dean
Sun, Mar 17, 1:00pm-5:00pm
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Amerta Movement is a non-stylized movement life practice that was first created by Javanese artist Suprapto Suryodarmo in the 1970s. Amerta movement and inspired approaches are now taught by Suprapto and different practitioners around the globe. This afternoon event gathers several practitioners from the United States.

The Mini-Symposium will include a public workshop, discussion, and some informal performances by movement artists whose work has been influenced by the garden of Amerta. The day will explore the interconnections of ritual, performance, and everyday life as experienced Amerta Movement.

Participating Amerta Movement Artists:
Claire Duplantier Burns (Bay Area), Frances Rosario (Bay Area), Julie Nathanielsz (Ithaca, NY), Katya Bloom (Santa Barbara), Mara Poliak + Margit Galanter (Bay Area), Marilin Martinez (NY/Puerto Rico), Mary Peterson (San Diego), and Sally Dean (UK)


1:00-3pm: Workshop/Practice
3:30-5pm: Showings/Discussion

$15 for entire event; $10 for showings/discussion


Claire Duplantier Burns has spent most of her life dancing. She earned a B.A from Naropa University and a M.A. in Performance Studies from NYU. For six years she co-directed the Subterranean Arthouse performance space in Berkeley. Passionate about dance and visual art, she relentlessly seeks to brew creativity in the face of the unknown.

Frances Rosario lives and dances in the Bay Area since 1996.  She had the pleasure of connecting to Amerta first through Cave Forms with Margit Galanter and Mara Madrona in 2015 and then with Surprapto Suryodarmo and community in Tejakula, Bali 2017. 
Julie Nathanielsz (Ithaca/Austin) is a dance artist and researcher eternally interested in connections between sensory perception and design, or how we are composing ourselves in life, art, and culture from the ground of bodily intelligence.  She has worked in a diversity of communities of movers for twenty years.

Katya Bloom, PhD, is a movement artist, teacher, therapist and writer. She co-edited the book Embodied Lives: Reflections on the Influence of Suprapto Suryodarmo and Amerta Movement; and co-wrote the recently published Laban Workbook for Actors. Based in Santa Barbara, she enjoys developing her movement practice on the beach.

Mara Poliak is a dancer, artist, writer, and teacher who lives in Oakland, California. They are currently practicing dance that is not performance, and hanging out with ancestors, and co-organizing a yearly residency with a group of interdisciplinary artists at Dos Rios land project in Northern California.

Margit Galanter is an East Bay movement investigator and dance poet, currently developing the vivid grove — a vehicle for moving, learning, creative evolution, and collective liberatory practices. Margit has facilitated various projects inspired by Amerta and co-edited Embodied Lives: Reflections on the Influence of Suprapto Suryodarmo and Amerta Movement

Marilyn Martinez has been an arts-in education advocate, having taught dance and culture throughout a 31-year career in the New York City Public Schools. She has studied with Suprapto Suryordarmo since 1997, bringing to this work her perspective of ritual from her experience as a performer of traditional West African and Afro-Caribbean dance.

Mary (Reich) Peterson, a San Diego native, has been a practitioner and educator in improvisational dance, Feldenkrais Method, and Expressive Arts Therapy. She studied with Suprapto three separate occasions in Bali, and Germany over the last two years. 

Sally E. Dean (USA/UK) based in London, is an interdisciplinary performer, choreographer, teacher and writer with over 20 years experience in university, professional and community settings across Europe, Asia and the USA. Her teaching and performance work is informed by somatic-based practices, her cross-cultural projects in Asia and her background in dance/theatre – integrating site, costume and object. Sally leads the ‘Somatic Movement, Costume & Performance Project’ since 2011.  She is an MPhil candidate at Royal Holloway University, UK.


Amerta Movement Mini-Symposium is part of To Be Free: CounterPulse Festival 2019

Curated by Margit Galanter and co-facilitated by participating artists


March 17, 2019
$10 - $15