2nd Sundays November 2011

NOV 13, 2011, SUN at 2pm
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NOV 13, SUN at 2pm

Dancers’ Group and CounterPULSE present 2nd Sundays, an open discourse project in which artists share works in progress and participate in a constructive conversation with audience members and fellow artists. This is an exciting opportunity to advance the open exchange of ideas and participate in the creative process of performing artists. This month’s salon includes work from:

Laurel Butler/make-shift dancetheatre
“Hot Mess,” concerns itself with a particular feedback loop of cognitive dissonance and uterine activity.  How does a (menstruating) body preserve interiority when our neuroses are on display? Together – and separately – the performers investigate a range of exercises in futility, including: everyday mechanisms of composure, irrepressible distractions, attempts to disconnect head from body, and the occasional compulsion to become a lampshade. Trapped by surrealist imagery and a manic sense of humor, “Hot Mess”  searches frantically through a handbag of pop music mashups, leotards and fried eggs to ask whether (as Tina Fey fears) we have truly “crossed the border into crazytown, never to return.”

Scrub Oaks Collective
Scrub Oaks Collective will present an adaptation of a site-specific piece. They will investigate compositional tactics for approaching work in indoor vs outdoor spaces.

Hilary Bryan Dance Theater
“Embodying the Rites of Spring – 100 years of human sacrifice,” The legendary riot at the 1913 premier of The Rite of Spring, launched a century of passionate re-imaginings of this iconic and iconoclastic collaboration by Stravinsky, Nijinsky, Roerich, and Diaghilev. Why do we keep recreating and reliving this violent human sacrifice?  Dances of death fascinate. Fertility fascinates. Extremes of violence and sex fascinate. Hilary Bryan Dance Theater quotes, steals, embodies and recombines sacred elements from the past century of Rites, conjuring ghosts to speak across time on themes of mob violence, martyrdom, and community cohesion.  Embodying the Rites combines movement, text, image and voice to explore this 20th century phenomenon as it continues into the 21st.


November 13, 2011
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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