2nd Sundays February 2010

FEB 13, 2011, SUN 2PM
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Dancers’ Group and CounterPULSE present 2nd Sundays, an open discourse project in which artists share works in progress and participate in a constructive conversation with audience members and fellow artists. This is an exciting opportunity to advance the open exchange of ideas and participate in the creative process of performing artists. This month’s salon includes work from:

Katie Faulkner/ little seismic dance company: Katie Faulkner will be showing a work-in-progress quartet that gravitates toward the darkly funny, off-kilter, sexual, and wild. Using voice and an electronic score by composer, Eli Nelson, the work will Premiere in Philadelphia in March 2011.

David Herrera Performance Co. present its 2011 Home Season production, American Layercake at Dance Mission Theater on March 2011. American Layercake is an examination of the way in which yesteryear’s Americana: The American Dream and Nuclear Family models, continue to obsess an increasingly diverse contemporary society. Why are these ideas so deeply embedded? Are the progressive aspects of contemporary culture handicapped by these visions? What fuels our need to continuously recast ourselves in these roles in spite the scrutiny and rebellion our and previous generations have given the topic? Historically, who was the American Dream intended for and who is excluded? Through character work, personal introspection, powerful dance, imaginative media, and an evocative musical score, DHPCo. confronts these powerful cultural ideals, highlighting and celebrating a diverse range of American identities as they respond and dance with those iconic models.

Anna Martine Whitehead: Jonathan to David is an elaboration of an ongoing project, inspired by the love letters of John Winthrop – first governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and a man notorious for burning Sodomites. Prior to leaving England for the New World, Winthrop had an affair with another man, to whom he wrote elaborate love letters promising “my soul is knit to you, as the soul of Jonathan to David.” There is something touchingly queer in the story of unrequited love tempered by self-imposed exile and the internalization of violent state repression and self-denial, which lead in Winthrop’s case to a kind of monstrous code-switching.


February 13, 2011
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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