2nd Sundays December 2011

DEC 11, 2011, SUN at 2PM
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DEC 11, SUN at 2PM

Dancers’ Group and CounterPULSE present 2nd Sundays, an open discourse project in which artists share works in progress and participate in a constructive conversation with audience members and fellow artists. This is an exciting opportunity to advance the open exchange of ideas and participate in the creative process of performing artists. This month’s salon includes work from:

Hope Mohr Dance
HMD will present an excerpt from Reluctant Light, which will premiere in 2012. The human drive to order, name, acquire, solidify and categorize constantly pushes against the deeper reality of uncertainty. How can we unmake our overwhelmingly “made” world? How do we respond when our made worlds collapse? What kind of dance is possible from a place of unknowing? The work contrasts raw emotion with tightly structured forms and collides technical vocabulary with somatic states. The work is set to the work of rock-n-roll celloist Helen Money, offset by Shostakovich’s String Quartet in F Minor.

Milka Djordjevich
Milka Djordjevich will present work-in-progress material that rejects neutrality: No body is neutral, no space is neutral, no experience is neutral. She will create everyday acts of composition – occurrences that may be perceived as happenstance, accidents or coincidences – that may or may not take place in a theater, particularly things that are not deemed as dance or performance. She will attempt to blur the border between where performance begins and where it ends. She is attempting to reject representational modes of choreography and give power to the ordinary and make them extraordinary.

Claire Calalo
Confronting the concept of “pretty” and the role it plays in the lives of three women, in a delicate way without being beautiful. walks a line between the abstract and the theatrical. Developed in a collaborative setting using improvisation and storytelling, the trio explores what it means to be called pretty, recalls childhood memories and daily grooming routines, and asks whether we manifest our inner selves through outward appearances, or if looks have determined the people we have become. Furthermore, what do parents, math, and pop music have to do with it? What does it mean to be “pretty as a picture”, what is the difference between “pretty” and “beautiful”, and who defines “pretty”?Or has “pretty” defined us?


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December 11, 2011
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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