Tech Specs

Space: The facility houses 1350 sq. ft studio-theater with fully sprung hardwood floor and 16.5’ ceiling. The facility is ADA accessible. There are two bathrooms, a full kitchen, and a shower/dressing room.

Stage: 25 ft. (20 ft. if shins are used) x 30 ft. Additional 6 ft of depth at downstage edge to accommodate floor lights and wheelchair ADA pathway. 16.5 ft ceiling; 15.5 ft to lighting grid; 14.5 ft to I-beam. Stage right: black velvet drape. Upstage and stage left: white concrete walls with black commando cloth drape on moveable tracks.  Optional 9 full width lighting pipes.

Flooring: The theater floor is a sprung hardwood dance floor covered in black marley. There is the option of removing the black marley to expose the hardwood (there are NO Shoes allowed on the hardwood), and to change the color of the marley to grey or white. (note: the White Marley is a few feet shy of covering the entire width of the stage but runs the full length).

Seating: 96 cushioned folding chairs on 7 Rows of risers for audience seating.  4 Permanent Risers with 14 seats each (10 in the main row and 4 in the Stage Right row beyond the stairs), 3 moveable risers with 10 seats each.  Pillows available for floor seating option. Alternate seating configurations are possible (in the round, concert pit, etc).

Lighting Control: ETC Express 24/48. 2 Lightronics RE-121D dimmer packs (single phase, 50 amps) with Edison connectors.  The dimmer packs use DMX-512 control protocol. Dimmers are connected to company switch: 2 phase 50 amp.

For House Rep Light Plot and Ground Plan contact our  Producing Director, Zoë Klein

Lighting Equipment includes:

  • 24 ETC Source 4 bodies, 550W
  • 21 ETC Source 4 50 degree barrels
  • 6 ETC Source 4 36 degree barrels
  • 4 ETC Source 4 Juniors, 36 degrees, 575W
  • 4 6” Fresnels, 500W
  • 12 parcans 120W
  • 23 6” Fresnel Gel Frames
  • 27 Source 4 Gel Frames
  • 25 Gobo holders  (23 large, 2 small)
  • 4 taildown pipes and hardware
  • Houselights on separate house AC


Sound: Full range system with two EV main speakers

  • 16 channel Soundcraft Sprint FX16 board
  • 2 @ Main Speakers:   Mackie SR1521Z @ 500W self powered
  • 2 @ House Speakers / Musician Monitors: Mackie SRM 350 Speakers @ 225 W powered
  • 1 @ Dual CD Player:  Numark MX2 dual CD player with integrated DJ mixer
  • 3 @ Wired Microphones: Sennheiser 58, Shure 57, Shure 58
  • 1 @ EQ/Driverack:  DBX 163x (crossover, EQ, white noise generator to EQ the room, compressor, all in one built in device)
  • 1 @ 11 Channel XLR Snake 20ft
  • 4 @ Various Mic Stands

Projection: Optima EP 770 DLP 3000 ANSI lumens projector

  • DVD player, and access to a MacBook
  • 1 ceiling hung projection screen, dimensions: 7’7” w x 8’ h

For all more tech info please contact:

CounterPULSE Dance Floor