Photo/Video Shoot Rental

Once you have read this information, please review our RENTAL CALENDAR for availability and then fill out our RENTAL REQUEST FORM

Renting CounterPULSE for Photo or Video Shoots


Day Time Members Non-Members
Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm $15/hr $18/hr
Sat.-Sun. 9am-6pm $20/hr $22/hr
Every Day After 6pm $20/hr $22/hr
More than 40 hrs Anytime $12/hr $15/hr

If you have your own liability insurance policy, you may include an insurance rider, naming CounterPULSE as an additional insured, in lieu of the fee.$25/dayTechnical Service

CounterPULSE will provide a technician for operation of lights and sound during hang & focus, all technical rehearsals, performances, strike and restoration and attends the Production Meeting. You will be responsible for payment of this fee upon completion of your event.$20/hr


Security Deposit

We will return this deposit one week after the event, minus $15/hr for any necessary additional cleaning, as well as expenses for repairs as a result of damage incurred during your event.$100Key Deposit

Please make arrangements in advance to pick up a key if necessary. If key is not returned within one month following your event, we will cash your deposit.$50/key



1350 square feet, 25 ft. wide (20 ft. if shins are used) x 30 ft. deep studio-theater with 15 ft. ceilings. Fully sprung hardwood floor, option of marley floor, option of black curtains, aerial riggable. Two ADA bathrooms, Dressing room/Green room, Lobby, TV/VCR/DVD and Kitchen. Fire hallway is available for moving bodies only and can not be used to store anything. The front offices and the tech loft are off-limits. Note: You will have to work with the lighting plot current to your rental time/date.


The theater floor is a sprung hardwood dance floor covered in black marley. The marley is required at any event where shoes are worn or heavy props are used that may damage the floor. There is the option of removing the black marley to expose the hardwood (there are NO Shoes allowed on the hardwood), and to change the color of the marley to grey or white. Please connect with the Program Manager in advance to arrange for a change from our default black marley flooring, additional fees associated with space, supplies and staff will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


If you generate more trash and/or recycling than our receptacles will hold, you are responsible for removing it.

Lost and Found

CounterPULSE is not responsible for any items that you or your audience leaves behind, with the exception of props/costumes stored with prior approval.


For security reasons, the front and side doors cannot be left open unless they are being closely monitored. There is a $50 fine for leaving the door unlocked and unmonitored.


Cancellation Policy

Time booked at CounterPULSE needs to be cancelled at least 14 full days prior to the event or you will need to pay the full amount. You pay for all the time booked even if it is not used. “No shows” for rehearsal time will also be billed the full amount. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Sign Out Sheet/Demographic Surveys

You are responsible for signing out after each booking with date, name, # of attendees (important for grants), and any notes/problems with the space (clipboard located on office door). Please also have each attendee fill out a ONE TIME demographic survey (blank ones found in the “For Rental Exchange Participants” box located in the office hallway). Please leave the surveys, the door key (if applicable), and the remainder of payment in the ” For CounterPULSE” box located in the office hallway.

Point of Contact

You are responsible for communicating all policies and agreements in this contract to your Collaborators.

Once you have read this information, please review our RENTAL CALENDAR for availability and then fill out our RENTAL REQUEST FORM