Renting the Gallery

CounterPULSE Gallery

The CounterPULSE gallery/lobby is a “Do It Yourself” space.
The space is reserved on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once you have read this information, fill out our RENTAL REQUEST FORM to inquire about availability.


The CounterPULSE gallery/lobby is a “Do It Yourself” space.

Fee: You are required to issue CounterPULSE a non-refundable fee at this contract signing.

  • $100 for a gallery show without a reception
  • $150 for a gallery show including a reception

Refundable Deposit: You are required to issue CounterPULSE a refundable security deposit of $100, to be held through gallery run and returned upon satisfactory restoration of the space.

You are responsible for the following

Overview: Transportation, Installation, Maintenance, and Restoration.  You are required to schedule all of the above during off-peak hours with the Gallery Manager.  You are responsible for restoring the walls to their original state, including patching and repainting of all the walls with a fresh coat of paint (supplies provided by CounterPULSE) upon exit. These activities must be scheduled in advance so that they do not conflict with events in the studio.  If you schedule any of these activities outside of the office hours, you will be required to get a key to the building for a refundable $50 key deposit.

Promotion: Production of all postcards, press releases, etc.  All publicity must include the CounterPULSE Rental Exchange Program logo and get approved by CounterPULSE before going out. Your exhibition information with be included on the ‘In the Gallery Page’ on the CounterPULSE website: email your title, 50 words description and exact dates to at least one month before your exhibition start date.

Print Calender: To be included on the CounterPULSE print calendar you need to email your event title (no more than 8 words, a 50-word description and exact dates by the following deadlines.

  • Spring Cal (March, Apr, May), Need events by Jan 15
    Summer Cal (June, July, Aug), Need events by Apr 15
    Fall Cal (Sept, Oct, Nov), Need events by Jul 15
    Winter Cal (Dec, Jan, Feb), Need events by Oct 15

Reception:For a $50 fee per reception you can host a 2 hour opening and/or closing reception in conjunction with your gallery rental. A reception must be scheduled within two weeks of this contract signing with the Julie Phelps. Two hours in the studio is included, sound/lighting tech are not included.  You are not permitted to sell alcohol.  You will provide all reception supplies (cups, napkins etc).

Sales: Artists are solely responsible for all sales of any artwork.  You provide all materials (i.e. guestbook, price list, tags, signage, etc).

Loss/Damage: CounterPULSE will exercise reasonable precautions during the exhibition period, but will not be responsible for damage to or loss of any artwork.

CounterPULSE Services:

Publicity: Your show can be included in CounterPULSE’s printed calendar, on our website, and in our monthly email announcement, so long as sufficient information is provided by the appropriate deadline. Please see separate guidelines for submitting images and text. We cannot stress the importance of your own coordinated publicity effort that includes a press release, flyers, and online marketing.

Personnel: The office is open Tuesday through Friday between noon and 6pm and 1 hour prior to all evening events in the theater to let in gallery guests.

Once you have read this information, please fill out our RENTAL REQUEST FORM