Renting for Classes, Workshops, Auditions

Renting CounterPulse for Classes, Workshops, or Auditions

Our rentals below are rates for any public event that is a Class, Workshop, or Audition.  Full space is available with access to boom box for sound playback and normal overhead work light.  The Class/Workshop/Audition rate includes listing services on our website, social media, and our email blasts.


  1. Please read all this information below on rates & policies.
  2. Please review our RENTAL CALENDAR for availability
  3. Please fill out our RENTAL REQUEST FORM


Workshop/Class Space Usage:   Includes space for time booked, plus 15 min before and after for set-up and clean-up. Additional set-up/clean-up time is $15/hr. $25/hr members$30/hr non-members
Insurance:   If you have your own liability insurance policy, you may include an insurance rider, naming CounterPulse as an additional insured.  Please provide insurance certificate at contract signing or no later than 1 week before rental date. $25/day


Security Deposit:  We will return this deposit one week after the event, minus $15/hr for any necessary additional cleaning, as well as expenses for repairs as a result of damage incurred during your event. (Applicable only to Performance/Event Rentals) $100
Key Deposit:  Please make arrangements in advance to pick up a key if necessary. If key is not returned within one month following your event, we will cash your deposit. $50/key



  • 25 ft. wide x 30 ft. deep studio-theater (1350 square feet)
  • 15 ft. ceilings
  • Fully sprung hardwood floor, option of marley floor, option of black curtains, aerial riggable.
  • Two ADA bathrooms,
  • Dressing room/Green room,
  • Lobby,
  • Kitchen.
  • Fire hallway is available for moving bodies only and can not be used to store anything.
  • The front offices and the tech loft are off-limits.
  • Note: You will have to work with the lighting plot current to your rental time/date.

Workshop Seating: CounterPulse has a legal capacity of 172 people. Standard seating accommodates 95 seats. Pillows are available for floor seating. Seats can be arranged in any order in the space as long as it is returned to standard seating position.

Flooring:    The theater floor is a sprung hardwood dance floor covered in black marley. The marley is required at any event where shoes are worn or heavy props are used that may damage the wood floor. There is the option of removing the black marley to expose the hardwood and to change the color of the marley to grey or white.  However, NO Shoes allowed on the hardwood.

Contact our Producing Director in advance to arrange for any floor changes.  Additional fees associated with space, supplies and staff will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Lost and Found: CounterPulse is not responsible for any items that you or your participants leave behind.

Trash/Recycling: You are responsible for disposing of any sets/props/costumes and other production related rubbish that exceeds the capacity of our receptacles. CounterPulse is responsible for disposing of all rubbish generated by audience and concession sales.

Security: For security reasons, the front and side doors cannot be left open unless they are being closely monitored. There is a $50 fine for leaving the door unlocked and unmonitored.

Accessibility: We are an ADA-accessible theater. Wheelchair ramps must be accessible at all times. The backstage areas must be kept clear before/after the show and during intermission to allow access to restrooms.

Animals: Only licensed service animals are permitted at CounterPulse.


CounterPulse Provides:

  • Office Staff: Support for scheduling times, publicity questions, and space related questions

You Provide:

  • Administration: For all registration and processing of tuition income
  • Cleaning Staff: To leave the space clean including: dishes, garbage, props, sweeping


CounterPulse is responsible for:

  • Website/Email/Social Media: Your event will be included on the CounterPulse website, in our monthly email newsletter, and on our social media platforms, so long as sufficient information is provided by the appropriate deadline through our digital Listings Questionnaire.

You are responsible for:

  • Publicity: All additional event publicity, including flyers/postcards/posters, etc.
  • CounterPulse Logo: All publicity must include the appropriate CounterPulse logo.
  • CounterPulse Review: All publicity must be approved by CounterPulse before it goes out.  You are required to submit digital files of your printed materials to CounterPulse for approval at least one (1) week before they go to print. Please email files to


Cancellation Policy:  

  • A 21 day cancellation notice via email must be made in order to receive full refund for your contracted space rental and any contracted labor fees.
  • A 7 day cancellation notice via email must be made in order to receive 50% refund of space rental. You are responsible for 50% of the contracted space rental cost, AND all contracted labor fess are non-refundable.
  • A 6 days or less cancellation notice via email means that you are financially responsible for all the time booked even if it is not used or even if you do not have any students. “No shows” for class/workshop time will also be billed the full amount. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Production Information Sheet:  You are responsible for filling out a Production Information Sheet, counting total number of students and total tuition income. At the end of the workshop, please leave the completed sheet, and the remainder of payment in the “Rental Exchange” mailbox located on the office door.

Sign Out Sheet: You are responsible for signing out after each booking with date, name, # of attendees and tuition income (important for grants), and any notes/problems with the space. Clipboard is located at the entrance of the studio.

Demographic Surveys: Please also have each attendee fill out a ONE TIME demographic survey. Place in “Rental Exchange” mailbox located on the office door.

Point of Contact: You are responsible for communicating all policies and agreements in this contract to your Collaborators.

Deposits: At the signing of this contract you are responsible for providing CounterPulse with a check for a non-refundable deposit for your event (half the total amount due, including the insurance fee), plus a refundable $100 security deposit.

Once you have read this information, please review our RENTAL CALENDAR for availability and then fill out our RENTAL REQUEST FORM