Fiscally Sponsored Projects


Awakening Through Art

Awakening Through Artprovides workshops and events that bring art and healing together to encourage creative expression, empowerment and social change. Together, we make art in a non-judgmental way and explore creative blocks through group drumming, painting, drawing, collage, singing and other activities.

The Bay Area Labor Heritage

Rockin’ Solidarity Chorus

The Bay Area Labor Heritage and Rockin’ Solidarity Chorus , founded in January 1999, sings old and new labor songs, in a range of styles, including gospel, South African, folk (from Woody Guthrie to 21st century bards), Broadway, Norteno, and rock & roll. Members are a mix of unionists, Wobblies, unaffiliated folks, academics, activists, anarchists, and archivists. We range in age (so far) from 25 to 75. We sing about all kinds of work, as well as peace and other contemporary issues.

Creative Intervention Agency:

Change of State Performance Project

Rooted in somatic techniques and liberatory pedagogy, Change of State Performance Project is a cultural workers’ collective which collaboratively creates engaged performance art to transform the social environment within and beyond the performance. In addition, we provide workshops, trainings, and mentorship to support activists, performers,communities, troupes, and organizations with tools from across the arts/organizing spectrum. We engage dance/movement, storytelling, music, and dialogue in strategic artistry towards audacious visions of collective empowerment.

Christine Germain & Dancers

Photo Credit: Weiferd Watts

Christine Germain & Dancers work intends to bring up social awareness and discussion on social issues through contemporary and innovative performance. Germain’s work addresses human rights and injustice. Exploring themes such as Bhopal’s pesticide tragedy in India, to the juxtaposition of thrill seeking tourists and sweat-shop labor abuses, to how marriage and immigration laws has an impact on the relationships of the people involved. Her new site-specific work will take place in bookstores and libraries and intends to bring discussion about literacy and illiteracy.
Christine Germain & Dancers aims to create an environment in which the dance illuminates traditional and contemporary culture. Every dance is a sharing of experience, a conversation between dancers, choreographers, collaborators, and the audience.

Circo Zero/Performance

Zero Performance

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Instigated by Keith Hennessy in 2001, Zero Performance and Circo Zero make live performance sparked by current and historic social realities.
The work is interdisciplinary and experimental, operating within the tensions between intimacy and spectacle, rhetoric and ritual, personal and social. Rooted in contemporary dance and performance we also engage circus, theatre, music, visual and conceptual art. Under the influence of queer ideas, aesthetics and histories, Zero Performance evolves performance language and builds community through collaboration, crossing lines of artistic discipline, personal and cultural identity, and social expectations. Zero Performance participates in local and global struggles for justice, functioning as a collective space and public an interdisciplinary mash-up of circus, contemporary dance, live music, performance and visual art. With a focus on experimentation and research, Zero Performance evolves artistic language, builds community, and nurtures a vision of live performance relevant to everyday life.

Jessica Fudim’s Dance Animals

Jessica Fudim’s Dance Animals charge across the boundaries of dance, theater, music, video, and visual design with their original performance works that forage for unlikely splendor and inspire our deepening accountability to each other and to the natural world. The San Francisco-based Dance Animals frame their personally, socially, and politically provocative work with rock-n-roll, vaudeville, brazen dance spectacles and a Muppet-like sincerity.

Double Vision

Double Vision

Double Vision is an intermedia performance company unifying dance with diverse art forms and technology through collaborations between choreographer, composer, video artist, animator and technologist. We investigate the interstices between technology, society, and the human body through dance, video and sound performances for stage and interactive installations.

Eye Zen Art/Seth Eisen

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Founded by Seth Eisen in 1994, Eye Zen Art creates visually dynamic, interdisciplinary new work with a focus on Queer history, aesthetics and sensibilities. Our productions and educational programs promote community dialogue and explore historical, social, spiritual and psychological issues. In a culture inundated with mass media, our work capitalizes on the post-modern viewers’ voracious appetite for intense sensory experience. We combine physical theater, storytelling, performance art, puppetry, Butoh, drag, installation art and video. Our layered aesthetic communicates across multiple artistic frameworks, blurring boundaries and expanding the dialogue between various disciplines. By reclaiming the spirit, stories and traditions of Queer culture, we create hybrid works that combine live performance and visual media, broadening human perspectives and forging social change.

Floor of Sky / Isak Immanuel

Floor of Sky is a performance and exhibition series that began in 2004 by Interdisciplinary Artist and Dancer Isak Immanuel as a means to examine the state of spirit and body in a constantly shifting city/time/landscape; from the immediacies of civic identity to the distances of myth, it is an approach to an intimate and civic dialectic with a hybrid of images, movement, sound, texture and light. It acts as a context to explore experimental collaborations and theme based work engaged with the specificity of site, transit, and the absences and inversions of everyday life. Since its conception, Floor of Sky has created solo and ensemble works, site-specific performances, video, and mixed media photography within the context of theaters, galleries, and civic space through out the SF Bay Area and Internationally.

Group A

group A

Group A was established in 2003 by Choreographer and Artistic Director Alyssa Lee as a dance company committed to placing dance in close contact with other art forms. Through collaboration with multiple artists, Group A has presented installations and technology-based works, dances with unconventional items, and contemporary conceptual works.

Haight Ashbury Literary Journal


Haight Ashbury Literary Journal


The Haight Ashbury Literary Journal publishes fine poetry and fiction of social content and personal experience. We publish neighborhood writers, and writers who are national and international. Our writers are from diverse cultures and are often economically marginal people. Recent issues have included Al Young, Clara Hsu, and Dan O.

Humility Swim

Humility Swim‘s 2007 season features a solo-for-camera work, 52 Negotiations (March 2007), a monthly Local Access TV Show, CITV: Contact Improvisation Television (begins Winter 2007), a commissioned sitework, Home In You, for Queer Arts Festival (June 2007), and bimonthly experimental interactive tours of SF’s Mission district art spaces with Organic Site Shake as part of the Red Poppy Art House MAPP program. HumilitySwim also offers drop-in classes and training intensives in Contact Improvisation; 2007 intensive dates will be announced in February.

Jessica Ferris Performance

Jessica Ferris is an Oakland, California-based physical theater performer who has been connecting her most intimate stories with wider social concerns for the past decade. She values nimble mixes of content and form. Critics have called her eclectic aesthetic “intricate,” “mesmerizing,” and “fresh.

Kaleidoscope Cabaret

Kaleidoscope Cabaret, An Annual National People Of Color Weekend is an event that develops and enriches the lives of multi-genre performance artists of color by providing a high quality production that centers the artistic vitality of performers, an educational symposium that promotes the creative and intellectual growth of emerging and established performers, and a platform for artists to build community. Kaleidoscope provides opportunities for drag, burlesque, vaudeville, and aerialists of color to perform, network, and discuss the politics of race, gender, and sexuality in performance.

Krista DeNio


Krista DeNio /kd productions + collaborations/ is an interdisciplinary choreographer, director, performer, writer and educator, committed to developing new forms of performance work, and evolving interdisciplinary thinking and creation between the fields of dance and theater.  She collaborates with many artists across disciplines to create collaborative, interdisciplinary performance productions. From original solo theater works, to ensemble dance theater work, community-derived, interview-based theater projects, structured improvisations, and site-specific performance, she is invested in the form that best serves the situation. The work seeks to investigate the interrelationship between our intimate personal lives and impactful global socio-political issues, while celebrating the wonder, mystery and humor of our human condition. Krista has worked in the Bay Area, California, NYC, New Mexico, Western Massachusetts, Colorado, and internationally.  She was Co-Executive, then Executive & Artistic Director of Earthdance Creative Living Project [] for 3.5 years between 2009- 2013, where she created innovative interdisciplinary programs and bridged social justice initiatives with community and organizational development.

Leslie Seiters

Leslie Seiters

During the last 10 years, Leslie Seiters has made performance work that couples visual design and movement to create environments that provide an opportunity for audiences to occupy space and time in unfamiliar ways. Leslie’s current biographical wish list: to participate in art that invigorates audiences by offering evocative material that is ripe for interpretation and rich with metaphor; to be involved in projects that challenge default modes of dancing, choreographing and performing; to seek ways of communicating that don’t necessarily exclude written/spoken language but do privilege gesture, physicality, and bodies in motion; and to connect performer to audience, audience to their own imaginations and experience, and this art form with our current time in history. Leslie teaches and performs nationally and internationally and is currently faculty at San Diego State University’s School of Dance.

Mangos with Chili:

the floating cabaret of QTPOC bliss, dreams, sweat, sweets and nightmares

Mangos with Chili is a performing arts company committed to showcasing high quality performance of life saving importance by queer and trans artists of color to audiences in San Francisco and beyond. Founded in 2006, Mangos With Chili features a revolving cast of artists and has performed to sold out houses across North America, wowing audiences in world class theaters, underground performance spaces, bars and campus halls, with high intensity breathtaking performance, politics, and storytelling craft. Our productions reflect the lives and stories of queer and trans people of color while speaking out in resistance to the daily struggles around silence, isolation, homophobia and violence that QTPOC face.

Marigold Project

Marigold Project’s purpose is to preserve, promote, and share the rituals and practices of Day of the Dead in San Francisco. We do this each year by coordinating and commissioning the free outdoor altar exhibit in Garfield Park on November 2. We create a community calendar of San Francisco Day ofthe Dead events, leading up to November 2.

Music for Empowerment

Music for Empowerment is a non-profit program of Discover the Sound of YOU. MFE offers songwriting workshops and creative sound coaching to specific populations through various SF organizations such as Maitri (hospice), Art For Recovery (an art program that is pat of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center) and Seven Tepees Youth Program (inner-city youth). The Music For Empowerment program is based on the principle that people need to self-express in all circumstance and stages of their lives. This exciting program is in its initial stages of development. Please feel free to inquire if you would like to be involved!

Pagbabalik (Return) Project

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Pagbabalik (Return) Project was founded in 2005 by writer and performer Aimee Suzara. Fusing spoken word-theatre, dance, indigenous and contemporary music, our work explores themes of immigration, Filipino American identity, history, and the meanings of “return.” Our current work is A History of the Body, a multidisciplinary performance piece that explores the devastating impacts of colonization on the female body. Using poetry, theater, dance, and visual projection, the work examines the powerful effects of culture, history and media on our attitudes towards skin color and female beauty.

Performers Under Stress Theater
Performers Under Stress Facebook Group

Performers Under Stress Kickstarter

Performers Under Stress is in their 20th year of producing acclaimed original work and bare-bones productions of Samuel Beckett’s writing. Past SF shows include tempestuous(ness), Mrs. Warren’s Profession, Sam I Am, Ghost Train Coming and The Farmington Armada.

PUS World premiere Failure 2 Communicate (F2C) runs 10/29-11/14, 2010 at the Garage/975 Howard, SF. Using physical theatre, projections & multiple viewpoints, F2C unlocks inner visions of students and staff at a court-mandated high school for the severely behavior disordered, emotionally disturbed, & learning disabled. F2C explores differences between race and class, tackling issues of religion and sexuality, but its most important questions may be: What is Disability? What is love?

Precarious Theatre/Matthew Graham Smith Presents

Precarious Theatre‘s work is focused on character-driven stories. We are attracted to stories that have relevance to our communities here and now and stories that allow us to explore new physical and theatrical realms. We seek to create theater that attracts new theatergoers, not just those who already regularly attend the theater. We seek to create a theatrical experience that defies expectations of what we call theater.

Scott Wells & Dancers

Scott Wells

Scott Wells has a colorful history of making dances in the San Francisco Bay Area. He started his company in 1991 with Kathleen Hermesdorf and has worked with some of the best dancers in town. Wells has choreographed dances with boxers, skateboarders, improvisers, frisbees, balls and chess pieces. He has slid across tables, slammed on the walls and broke chairs in half. He “had the audience howling with delight” in most every show. He has a fresh, accessible style that is, after 15 years, just about to grow up.

Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts

Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts Facebook

Smith/Wymore Disappearing Acts features the collaborative work of its co-artistic directors, Sheldon B. Smith and Lisa Wymore. The company has been active in the Bay Area since 2004 and is known for its clever, conceptual and often humorous blend of intricate choreography, text and technology. Hope to see you at Apparatus, Smith/Wymore Disappearing Act’s new evening-length dance/theater/multimedia piece. Apparatus will be presented by ODC Theater February 25-27, 2011 in the newly expanded ODC Theater as a part of the ODC Theater season. While highly humorous and rambunctious on the surface, Apparatus runs deep as it probes into the process of identity construction and insecurity. This ambitious project is filled with dance, movement, text, and real time video effects. It features nine performers acting as a fictional cast of actors, directors, and crew struggling to shoot a movie.

Temescal Labs

Directed by Maya Gurantz, Temescal Labs (formerly Ten Red Hen) creates engaging, relevant, dynamic new theater that interrogates both the form of live art-making and the world around us. Our inaugural show, {The 99-Cent} Miss Saigon, played to sold out audiences and garnered great reviews from all the major Bay Area publications. CLOWN BIBLE was recognized as the Best Show of 2007 in the East Bay Express, and the Berkeley Daily Planet hailed us as “the most original” theater company in the East Bay

Trash Mash-Up

Trash Mashup

Trash Mash-Up is a public art project that connects community members through workshops and public performances. Using disposable materials, participants create “Maskostumes”, original pageant masks and costumes based on traditions from around the world. Trash Mash-Up culminates with a Mash-Up Bash, a public performance pageant.

Wan-Chao Dance

Wan-Chao Dance, an ethno-contemporary dance company, aims to create new works rooted from traditional dance forms. WCD premiered at WestWave Dance Festival 2008, and was selected for the Festival of Silk Road and San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival shortly after its debut. The artistic director Wan-Chao Chang brings to her work a wealth of diverse dance disciplines, a blend of traditional ethnic dance and contemporary styles. Her goal is to sensitize audiences to the human commonality while embracing the diversity and beauty reflected in society through the language of dance.