In addition to the many events at our facility at 1310 Mission, CounterPULSE is the home of a variety of arts and media projects and programs.

The Summer/Winter Specials are a series of co-productions offered for all events in July/August (Summer) and January/February (Winter). At CounterPULSE we strive to offer artists and cultural innovators a variety of ways to access the plethora of resources and expertise we offer. We are pleased to offer this innovative solution to the conundrum of how to successfully get your work in front of audiences at a professional theater space. You keep 80% of all box office income after basic expenses are covered, with the option of either two or three nights of performance.

2nd Sundays is a result of CounterPULSE and Dancers’ Group teaming up to present a series of free salons where choreographers share work and dialogue with audience members and fellow artists. We see this as an exciting opportunity to advance discussion of the craft and hope you’ll join us for the conversation.

The Artist in Residence and Artist Residency Commissioning Program is decade-long and highly-acclaimed residency program that has evolved in direct response to the needs of artists. It is designed to offer maximum support for experimentation and risk-taking by lifting many of the responsibilities associated with self-production. Artists receive financial support, studio space, organizational mentorship and guidance as well as engage in critical feedback processes and blogging, all towards developing new work which is shown to the public at the end of the residency. Later, select resident artist work is identified as ready to be experienced by a larger audience, and are commissioned to further develop their work into full-length premieres. The program is made possible by support from the Phyllis C. Wattis Foundation, the Zellerbach Family Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Boot Camp for Artists, taught by CounterPULSE Executive Director Jessica Robinson Love, is a much needed primer for todays working artists. Whether you’re a choreographer who’s self-producing for the first time, a director who’s ready to expand your company, an experienced artist looking to brush up on skills, or a performer looking to get a part-time job in arts administration, this crash course will give you the skills you need to kick-start your career. The boot camp includes 18 hours of instruction, plus in-person presentations by local editors and funders. Your art deserves the investment!

Classes and Workshops. CounterPULSE is home to San Francisco’s longest-running Contact Improvisation Jam. There is a weekly Contact Improvisation class before the Jam. A variety of additional classes and workshops take place seasonally. Check the calendar for upcoming events.

The Dance Discourse Project is a far reaching, far ranging, and ambitious project that aims to articulate in a cohesive and coherent way, from the participants themselves, what is happening in contemporary dance in the Bay Area and beyond. This on-going series of artist-driven discussions is organized by Mary Armentrout and co-produced by Dancers’ Group and CounterPULSE.

The Fiscal Sponsorship Program is based on a model of pre-approved grant relationship. In essence, the project and CounterPULSE (sponsor) are a grantee and grantor. The sponsored project is a separate legal entity that is liable for it’s own taxes, insurance, and debts. Our sponsored projects retain intellectual property rights for all the art they create.

Performing Diaspora is a festival, residency program, commissioning program, and symposium featuring dance, music, theater, media and interdisciplinary artists who are using traditional forms as a basis for experimentation and innovation.

Shaping SF is a living archive of the city providing people with access to its lost history. Hundreds of people have contributed stories, photos, video oral histories, and more. Through our unique approach to community history, we focus mainly on labor, ecology, transit, and dissent and how they have changed the landscape of San Francisco since the 1850s. Our projects attempt to show that history is much more than Richter scales and gold rushes. Projects include, Bike Tours and a weekly TALKS series at CounterPULSE (check calendar for listings), as well as an online participatory San Francisco history resource.

Words First is the premiere solo performance event in San Francisco. Each month we invite the finest solo artist, comics, and storytellers to the CounterPULSE stage. Solo performance is a unique brand of theater; One person, one stage. It’s one part storytelling, one part comedy, one part drama, and 100% entertainment.