Dulce Capadocia

Artistic Director of Silayan Philippine-American Dance Company

Los Angeles, CA

Dulce Capadocia is well-known as an award-winning Artistic Director and storyteller uniquely trained in both contemporary dance and Philippine folk traditions. Her choreography is a theatrical interpretation of her heritage as a Filipina growing up in Los Angeles’ inner city. Capadocia and her critically-acclaimed multi-ethnic Silayan Dance Company will premiere an exciting original dance drama. Taking inspiration from urban sources and her experience being raised in a home where dance and culture flourished, Capadocia’s newest creation examines the cultural phenomenon of the “Hip Hop Tinikling” and promises to be a dramatic, thought-provoking dance theatre expression of the Filipino-American experience.

2009 Festival Weekend 3 Artist

The Tikling bird (goddess of legacy) trains her young to avoid deadly bamboo traps in the jungles of ancient Philippines. Fast-forward to the urban jungle of Los Angeles, where many Filipino teens are finding new expression in the phenomenon of “Hip Hop Tinikling,” a fusing of traditional rhythmical dances with bamboo poles and the pulsing beats of urban hip hop. With music by an award-winning sound design crew which includes a foley artist and a DJ, BIHAG is a journey through mythical and contemporary stories of personal entrapment and escape. A violent battle for territory and power is the exciting climax and centerpiece of this new work performed by members of the intergenerational Silayan Philippine-American Dance Company.

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December 11 @ 8:00 pm / 15 Years of Gravity – Intercontinental Collaborations #6

Jess Curtis/Gravity DEC 11 – 13,  FRI-SAT at 8:00PM, SUN at 7:00PM Location change! Intercontinental Collaborations #6 will now be held at Gray Area Art & Technology. Tickets should still be purchased through CounterPulse. Gravity celebrates 15 years of ground-breaking interdisciplinary performance in San Francisco with Intercontinental Collaborations #6, our sixth biennial presentation of new and classic […]

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