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Photo by George Emilio Sanchez

Photo by George Emilio Sanchez

Randy Reyes is a queer Latinx choreographer-dance artist-curanderx with roots connecting the geographies of Guatemala, Massachusetts, NYC, Germany, Chile, Ecuador, & Nicaragua. This summer he is a Creative Dissent Fellow at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) learning under the direction of Tania Bruguera & the Arte Util team as well as completed a 72-hour permaculture design course at Soul Flower Farm. Randy will relocate to Los Angeles this fall to begin an MFA in Dance program at UCLA where he will continue weaving together his interests in spiritual-environmental ecologies, queer choreography/systems of improvisation, and international-domestic exchange between artists, activists, ecologists, & healers.


Support Randy by donating to their Kickstarter all-or-nothing campaign, which ends on Aug. 11! All funds/donations will go directly towards supporting their cast who are amazing folks identifying along the spectrum of {queer- first generation – POC} and to expanding their production budget to include a sound artist from NYC and set designer.


Collaborator Bios

Stephanie Hewett:
Stephanie Hewett is a Bronx, New York native currently based in Oakland. She completed a one-year program at the Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in London, UK, and received a BA in Dance from Trinity College. She is a recent graduate of the MFA in Dance program at Mills College and enjoys caffeine, collaborations, and clarity.

Jose Abad:
Jose Abad is a queer social practice performance artist based in San Francisco, California. Born in Olongapo City, Philippines to a Filipinx Mother and a West Indian Father, Jose uses dance and storytelling to explore the complexities of cultural identity, feelings of landlessness and the memories and wisdom held within the body that the mind has forgotten, or history has erased. Abad has had the opportunity to perform in New York, New Orleans, and San Francisco in collaboration with a variety of companies and artists including Keith Hennessy, Scott Wells, Anne Bluethenthal, Brontez Purnell Dance Company, #DignityInProcess and Detour Dance.


Emelia Martinez-Brumbaugh:

Emelia is a gender, sexual and geographical border crosser.

They white/latinx Chesapeake bay beast

source the power and creativity that

lives in between

personal and interpersonal divides,  

the rainbow of perspectives,

to honor/hone

the potential/unknown/divine

for choreography

of a new reality.

years on years of serious play & social inquiry

facilitating embodied creative curiosity with adults and youth

from Mexico City to Washington, D.C.

Based in the Oakland bay area

Felix (Sol) Linck Frenz:
Felix Linck Frenz is a white queer artist, activist and femme-ish person who lives in Berkeley, CA. Born in Baja California to a German-Chilean mother and a formerly Texan father, Felix moved to Los Angeles at the age of ten already with many questions about origins, place, and personhood. She continues to think through these ideas in relationship to power, privilege and healing both as an experimental dancer and as a housing justice organizer. Felix is honored to be a part of Lxs Desaparecidxs and has been deeply moved by and through this collaborative process.

Gabriel Christian:
Gabriel Christian (t(he)y/(t)him) is a multidisciplinary artist/teacher. After receiving a BA in Theatre Studies from Yale in 2013, their work pivoted towards reifying queer desire, genderfluidity (or “juicyness”) and black resilience through conceptual art and performance. They’ve held residencies at Destiny Arts Center and Finnish Brotherhood Hall, and mounted/supported works at Counterpulse, SOMArts, CTRL+SHIFT Gallery, Brava Theater, Eureka Theater, and Stanford University. Upcoming projects include a residency with This Will Take Time in Point Arena, revisiting twenty-nine collaborations about Black Presence and using them as talismans for negotiating Black
Prescience. (

Archive Response Team

Judah Levenson:
Judah Aryeh Levenson is an educator, poet, and performer living in Brooklyn. He is currently the director of an after school program while also working on his first full length book of poetry. Previously, he has performed with Daria Faïn and The Commons Choir, Luis Lara Malvacias, Natalie Aceves. and Zander Brown.

Zeina Morad:
I am an Aquarian child of Nature, born and influenced by Egypt, Arabic, my ancestors, sense of community and the Moon. I am an outgoing sensitive introvert, in constant pursuit of delving into the unknown, less trodden realms; inwardly and outwardly. I am fascinated by children and their pureness. I am trying to remember to return to that state of being; that level of realness, playfulness and curiosity. I strongly believe that holding space for others allows for the magical unfolding of their truest version of themselves; is the solution for us living in harmony and ease.

Sound Design

Stefa Marin Alarcon
STEFA* is a vocal artist and performer focused on the intersection of politics, the self, and her cultures. She draws inspiration from her indigenous ancestry and classical music background. She explores her desire to break apart predictable musical norms by projecting new narratives through improvisation and sonic layering. a frequent performer throughout nyc, her work has taken her to london, ecuador and most recently vienna, austria where she performed as part of american realness at wiener festwochen’s ‘performeum’. debut EP coming soon. www.stefalives.com

[Artist photo of Randy Reyes at This is What I Want (Tessa Wills) by Robbie Sweeny]

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MÆ – Motion Aftereffect & MESH

Freya Olafson with Yagiz Mungan and Kinetech Arts
SEP 7-9, 14-16, 2017, THU-SAT 8PM

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Wednesday, July 12, 5pm-7pm


ABD Productions, Skywatchers
Saturday-Sunday, July 8-16 at 11AM to 3PM

Saying No: Dramaturgical Strategies in the Dance-Making Process

Zee Hartmann
Tuesday-Thursday, June 26-29 at 4pm-6pm

WIND STATIONS — a curation of missing people

Tableau Stations / Isak Immanuel + Pijin Neji + Marina Fukushima and special guest
June 15-18, Thu-Sat at 8pm, Sunday at 7pm

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