We are only one week away from premiering at CounterPULSE! I am so excited for this. We have been in the rehearsal and creation process since February, which means there has been a lot of time for additional layers to join the work. WORKOUT is getting juicier and more fun all the time! The starting idea is simple: take exercise movements and string them together into choreography. But then there are all the fitness subcultures to address, the rituals, the obsessiveness, the vigor and sweat. It feels like such a rich world to me, and so many avenues to take within it! I am already thinking of what I would do with a WORKOUT 2.0 next year…

I just completed a Promo Video for the show to give you an idea of what we are doing:

Tickets for December 14-15 at CounterPULSE:

More Info:


See you this weekend!


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