The 80 Turk Project

Art Drives Equity

Rendering of our lobby renovations by Jensen Architects


Our New Home

Our new home is your new home, an incubator for grassroots culture and a stage for intrepid arts. The three-floor facility provides increased space to continue to grow our services to artists and audiences. Together, we shift our cultural landscape.

Engaging the Community

We believe that by providing socially relevant arts experiences and giving a stage to underrepresented voices, we can instigate social change. Right now, there is no better neighborhood to center our advocacy than the Tenderloin. By partnering with nearby service organizations, we will give our neighborhood’s diverse residents, youth, and families new access to the arts, as creators and as audience members.

Supporting Artists

CounterPulse provides unparalleled support for artists. Our new home at 80 Turk features a state-of-the-art theater, a gallery, and additional studio spaces for artists to develop and exhibit new works. Artists will benefit from expanded and more accessible rehearsal space and dressing rooms. Our onsite live/work accommodations allow CounterPulse to boost our national and international exchange programming.

Enhancing Audience Experience 

With 25% more seats, enhances sightlines, and optimized temperature control, your audience experience at CounterPulse will be comfortable and inspiring. Mix and mingle in our new expanded lobby-gallery pre- and post-show. From box office to technician booth, the new facility will go beyond ADA requirements to offer the highest level of accessibility to all our guests. And we’ll retain our longstanding ‘no one turned away for lack of funds’ policy to keep art affordable for everyone.

Tripling Our Square Footage: Multiplying Our Impact 

80Turk_floorplan_800x400 (1)

Working floor plan for 80 Turk


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Be The Change You Want to See

Our Sights Are Set

Thanks to our long rack record of financial stability, CounterPulse was selected to participate in an innovative partnership with Community Arts Stabilization Trust (CAST) to pilot a model for stabilizing arts nonprofits in San Francisco. CAST bought the theater at 80 Turk and CounterPulse will renovate and buy back the building at a stabilized rate over the next seven year.

Realizing Our Vision

Building Renovations                   $2,800,000

Building & Land Purchase           $1,700,000

Program Opportunity Fund         $500,000

Design and Development             $440,000

Transition Fund                             $300,000

Facilities Sustainability Fund     $300,000

Furniture & Equipment               $260,000

Thanks to our Supporters

Supporters of the 80 Turk Project


EPISPACE Foundation

William & Flora Hewlett Foundation



Office of Economic & Workforce Development

Sakana Foundation

San Francisco Arts Commission



Karen & Dennis Corburn

The Kenneth Rainin Foundation



Anne Ho


Antoaneta Petkova, Ph.D. & Ilja Friedel Ph.D.

Carol & Mark Norberg

Dress & Kala Levin

Indiegogo Groundbreaking Group

Joy Ou

Meyer Sound

Neelu Bhuman & Andrew Nicholson

Seth Meisler & John Devine




Andrea Moed & Jay Smith


Connie Marie Gaglio

Diana Doyle

Honey Soundsystem

Juliette Acker

Kenneth Hempel

Laura Elaine Ellis

Monty Mitra

San Francisco Grants for the Arts/Hotel Tax Fund




Beth Schecter & Carl Oddo

Doug & Marci Benson

Galen Hayes

Jane Segal

Jessica Robinson Love & Carrie Baum Love

Judith Zissman

Kate Patterson & Scott Murphy

Kush Amerasinghe

Martha Richards



Carrie Morrison

Daniel Grace

Dilsher Virk

Mark O’Brien

Randy Shaw & Lainey Feingold

Scott Baker

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You can build a home for art and action in San Francisco. Contact our Executive Director Tomás Riley at to learn more.

About CAST:

Created in 2012, the mission of the Community Arts Stabilization Trust (CAST) is to increase the capitalization of community arts and cultural organizations in San Francisco. CAST purchases and leases space for the exclusive use of nonprofit arts organizations while also providing these groups with technical assistance to develop and expand their capacity to fundraise and manage their facilities effectively. The goal of CAST is to leverage resources to assist organizations to stabilize their facility expenses while building their operational capacity. CAST seeks additional support from foundations, individuals and investors for its capacity-building efforts and expansion beyond its pilot projects. Learn more at

About Jensen Architects:

At Jensen Architects we are passionate about creating buildings and environments that enrich the experiences of organizations and individuals. Guided by a responsibility to achieve the most using the fewest resources and to engage a broader cultural perspective, we develop solutions that embody each client’s values and larger purpose. Our wide-ranging portfolio—encompassing arts, education, residential, workplace and retail—is underpinned by an abiding interest in how we live and work today, and the pleasure we take in collectively solving design challenges through research, unconventional thinking, and a focus on craft. The economy and directness in our work reflects not only a clear concern for ecological sustainability, but also a deep appreciation of the inherent beauty that emerges when functional, experiential and environmental goals are efficiently and gracefully resolved.

We are recognized for innovative applications of proven building systems and materials and valued for our collaborative approach to design and construction. Our accomplishments are rooted in a culture of camaraderie that fosters longstanding relationships with clients, consultants, and colleagues. We offer clients an opportunity for creative exchange that informs our practice as much as the resulting work. Learn more at