In the gallery

February 1–February 2, 2019

On, Feb 1st and 2nd, UNEARTHED takes over CounterPulse with immersive interactive video installations throughout the gallery and in Project Space. Throughout the month of January, in preparation for the Block Fest, the artists of UNEARTHED will be collaborating with Tenderloin residents and community members to produce short videos to be shown alongside the UNEARTHED video installations. On February 1st from 3 to 6 pm, they will have their booth setup outside to live feed video from passersby in the gallery. On Feb 2nd the installations will be augmented by several live performances on the main stage.

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Past artists presented in the CounterPulse gallery:

Pallavi Sharma
Helen Gaus
Eva Enriquez & Anna-Lena Sauer
Jon Levy-Warren
Robin Birdd
Rebecca Wallace & Camila Magrane
Tracy Taylor Grubbs
Kat Geng
Tana Quincy
Aynur Westin