Ride the River: Paratheatrics and Contact Improvisation

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Ride the River: Paratheatrics and Contact Improvisation
Krista DeNio and Karl Frost

JAN 25-26, SAT 10am-1pm, SUN 3pm-6pm

Following sensation into creative action, this mini-workshop brings together aspects of Jerzy Grotowski’s physical theater work with the practice of Contact Improvisation (CI). Creating a rich ground of physical and vocal exploration, the work leads to the cultivation of emotional states, potential framework for character development, and at a minimum— physical expansion, creative opportunity and the incredible potential of extreme play!

In simple terms, Grotowski’s theater work was rooted in the idea that one does not put on character, but instead finds the character as something already existing as part of oneself.  Similar to some elements of somatic psychology, there is an act of distilling individual subtle physical or unconscious ‘subvoices’, starting with the observation of subtle sensation and then removing obstacles and teasing the process out into a more pure or amplified form. We’ll be primarily focusing on Grotowski’s Exercise Plastiques as our springboard into this work, an invaluable tool for anyone interested in ‘states-based’ explorations.

Contact Improvisation is an open-ended physical art practice exploring the possibilities of bodies moving through physical contact, sometimes quiet and introspective, sometimes wild, explosive and acrobatic, following the collision of the physical curiosities and idiosyncratic choices of two or more partners.  It is about discovering the unpredictable possibilities that happen with two independent choice makers playing with the body and physics.

The paratheatrical work opens up vast new territories for physical and psychological exploration within contact improvisation.  In turn Contact Improvisation opens up new physical contexts and environments for the discovery of subvoices and physical processes in paratheatrical work and opens up emotional exploration to the inter and transpersonal.

This workshop is for the physically and psychologically curious and engaged.  Previous experience working creatively with the mind and body is useful, but it is not necessary to have previous formal training in CI or theater work.


cost: slidingscale

regular fee: $65-$100 with preregistration.

early discount: $50-$100 with registration before January 18.

at the door: $75-$100

For tickets, registration, and artist bios please visit bodyresearch.org



January 25, 2014 @ 10:00 am
January 26, 2014 @ 6:00 pm
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