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MARCH 16, 2011 WED 7:30PM

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With the apparent end of one era and the dawning of a new – and unknown one – we thus turn our attention to the question of inheritance and new generations. We want to think about the way political generations form, and whether the experience of past generations can play a useful role in this. How do those who have been through previous generations of struggle prepare for the emergence of new movements? What role can past experiences play? Or will the expectations produced by past histories obscure what is new about the situation? And, since this problem cuts both ways, how do emerging generations relate to previous movements, without conceding ground and losing their singularity? How do we allow the past to “live in us”, whilst preventing it from weighing “like a nightmare upon the brains of the living”?

David Harvie (Chair) and Keir Milburn (Presenter), members of The Free Association (based in Leeds, England), authors of Moments of Excess: Movements, Protest and Everyday Life (PM Press, 2011)


March 16, 2011
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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