San Francisco Premiere of LIGHT: Parts 44 & 47

Kei Takei’s Moving Earth Orient Sphere
Thu-Sat, Feb 1-3, 8pm
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The legendary Kei Takei is returning to San Francisco with her company for a rare three nights of performances.

The company will perform one of the most recent pieces from Kei’s epic Light series, Bamboo Forest, followed by the US premiere of one of her iconic solo pieces, runThese pieces are prime selections from Kei’s long history of creating emotionally charged work that resonates with the struggles and elation of being human, and the connection each of us has to earth and tribe.
This will be the first time in seventeen years, and only the second time since 1984, that San Francisco audiences will have the opportunity to experience the legendary work of Kei Takei. The last time she performed here, Alan Ulrich of the San Francisco Chronicle remarked:

One couldn’t help wondering how a generation that had never had the opportunity to witness this remarkable solo act would receive her (the response, for the record, was deafening). Takei is truly unique.


She is apparently capable of monumental acts of transformation. What both works suggested Saturday was that artistry, articulation and pulse can suffice to transmute pedestrian movement into epic vignettes, and let the oxymorons fall where they may.

Kei first came to the US in 1967 on a Fulbright scholarship to study at Julliard. For twenty-five years, she was a pivotal figure in the contemporary dance scene of New York, where her work garnered numerous grants and awards including the rare honor of two fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation. With Moving Earth, she has performed in over 70 cities throughout the US and 17 countries abroad, as well as choreographing for major companies such as the Nederlands Dans Theater. In the early 90’s she moved back to her home country of Japan where she re-established her company as Moving Earth Orient Sphere. In recent years, she has focused on developing work and community in Japan and only rarely participates in international projects. In a 50th anniversary commemoration of her first performances in the US, she has decided to return to present this work in New York and San Francisco only.

The two pieces being brought to CounterPulse represent relatively recent developments in Kei’s long career. Bamboo Forest (2015) depicts the archetypal cycle of life and death utilizing the image of the blossoming of the bamboo flowers, an event that occurs only once every 60 years. The bloom is immediately followed by the death of that generation of bamboo. The inherent themes are the endless sacrifice of individual, community, and tribe, so that there can be continuity of future generations. The company dances in the stark, surreal set designed by Renta Kochi and perform to the music of emerging visionary Japanese composer, Seiichiro Sou. run (2013) utilizes the metaphor of running to depict the trials and tribulations, the joys and agonies of a woman’s life.


LIGHT, Part 44 (Bamboo Forest) (竹林)(2015):<h/4>

Choreography: Kei Takei
Music: Seiichiro Sou
Set Design: Renta Kochi
Lighting Design: Yoshiyuki Shimizu and Lang Craighill
Costumes: Renta Kochi & Kei Takei
Stage Manager: Lang Craighill
Production: Tomo Saito An Creative
Performers: Hizuru Aoyagi, Chio Ishida, Hiroko Ishimura, Norio Iwasaki, Maki Ootsuka, Takashi Kado, Mitsuko Kawarada, Kyoko Sugino, Naoto Nishimaki, Yukino Maeda, Laz Brezer, Kei Takei
The creation of LIGHT, Part 44 (Bamboo Forest) (竹林) was made possible in part by a grant from The Japan Arts Fund, a production funds matching grant from Theatre X (CAI), and with the support of FRIENDS of MOVING EARTH (友の会)

LIGHT, Part 47 (run) (走る) (2017):

Choreographed & performed by: Kei Takei
Music: composed by Yukio Tsuji, arranged by: Seiichiro Sou
Lighting Design: Yoshiyuki Shimizu and Lang Craighill
Costume: Kei Takei
Stage Manager: Lang Craighill
Production: Tomo Saito An Creative
The creation of LIGHT, Part 47 (run) (走る) was made possible in part by grant from The Japan Arts Fund, a production funds matching grant from Theatre X (CAI), and with the support of FRIENDS of MOVING EARTH (友の会)



February 1, 2018
February 3, 2018
$20 - $35
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