Tim Rubel Human Shakes and Elisabeth Kindler-Abali
Thu-Sat, June 14-16, 8pm
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Have you ever felt strange, displaced and unwelcome? Did you experience a bodily reaction?

ALIEN investigates what it means to be an outsider, a visitor, a newcomer to an environment that fears and questions your presence. The piece is informed by research and stories from Muslim communities living in the United States and Europe, as a way to understand the emotional journey of someone perceived as other. What aspects of a person’s community are lost when they emigrate to a new land and which ones are held on to? How do people negotiate leaving a culture who expects them to put their familial and religious duties first, for one which offers its citizens the freedom to self realize?

A workshop entitled “experiencing being alien” held on Saturday June, 16 at 1pm accompanies the performances. Everybody is invited to join the workshop where the artists will ask participants to write and make movement based on times in their lives when they have felt like an outsider or a stranger. They will pose questions to them like, what did this feeling do to you? How can this be translated into movement? A guided improvisation will help participants to explore this task. Later on participants will learn a sequence from ALIEN.

ALIEN is the first international collaboration between Tim Rubel Human Shakes and Elisabeth Kindler-Abali. Both artists are deeply engaged with dance as a tool for social change.

Photo credit: Photo by Victor Talledos
group: dancers of Tim Rubel Human Shakes with Elisabeth Kindler-Abali
duo: Elisabeth Kindler-Abali with Tim Rubel Human Shake dancer Becky Robinson-Leviton

Alien is co-presented by the Goethe-institut

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June 14
June 16
$20 - $35