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FRESH Practices
Margit Galanter and Anna Martine Whitehead
CounterPULSE Underground (80 Turk Street)
JAN 11-12, SAT-SUN at 11AM

11AM-2PM Material for the Spine with Margit Galanter – An exploration of the physical center of the self (head, spine, pelvis), through movement. Begun in 1986, MFS was created by Steve Paxton in the years after he initiated Contact Improvisation (CI). The practices are elemental, meditative, architectural, and more technical than CI, emphasizing breathing and precise solo exercises. MFS is a powerful foundation for your movement practice that will clarify and enrich your dancing, In this workshop, we will delve into this field of materials as a basis for dance research. Over the two days, we will access congruent embodied, creative, and energetic movement inquiries, enhancing this field and our work together, — and dance.

2:30-5:30PM Falling Queens: How to make dances that do & don’t with Anna Martine Whitehead – What would it feel like to be something other than alive? Where do past lives live in us and how do they shape our movement? What about rage? …ecstasy, confusion, or… other beings? Animals? Ex-lovers? What if we locate other entities in our skeletal and muscular structure and create authentic movement from there? Would we speak new languages? – This workshop will use a range of (dis)embodied practices–including guided meditations, endurance, trance, and somatics-to explore choreographies of loss. This workshop is as much about locating grief (and rage, ecstasy, and whatever else) in the body as it is about how to make dance that does this and why to make such work at all. “FALLING QUEENS” will include a healthy mix of modalities beyond movement research; we will do a small amount of reading, writing, talking, and drawing. The workshop will initially explore individual somatic relationships to loss and to the body (and to loss in the body) as an improvisational/ somatic practice. By the end of the first day participants will be collaborating in small groups and, if time permits, experimenting with the utility of setting some choreography. (A recurring theme of the first day will be exploring the nature of improvisational movement and when it is and is not useful.) During the second day, participants will spend time refining their pieces and practicing a collaborative mode of sharing work that involves both presentation and experimentation.

Pricing:  This is one of four 2-day workshops offered through FRESH 2014 – Individual workshops are offered at $50 each or $150 for all four. To register email Kathleen Hermesdorf or call us at 415.504.2434.

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January 11, 2014 @ 11:00 am
January 12, 2014 @ 5:30 pm
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