2014 FRESH Festival – Embodiment, Change and Failure: Contact Improv as an object/field/community of study. A Lecture

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FRESH Perspectives
Keith Hennessy
CounterPULSE Underground (80 Turk Street)
JAN 15, WED at 8PM 

A lecture and conversation that may or may not feature a couple of physical exercises or video excerpts. Keith says, “I am obsessed with making whiteness and heteronormativity more visible, especially within spaces considered “alternative” or “creative” or “universal”. Simultaneously I am obsessed with CI and other  practices that emerge from the social and artistic experiments of the 60s and 70s; practices that re-imagined oppressive social relations and proposed a better world for all. How do new embodiments inspire or perform change, or not? And how can we use (compost, recycle) the failures or missed potential of previous generations? I’ll be coming directly from a residency at Djerassi focused entirely on this topic (which is central to my still-in-process dissertation writing).” Bring your questions about racially segregated dance forms, about queer safety, risk and improvisation, about the practice and dramaturgy of touch in dance, about hippy utopias and failures, about knowing something in the body that does or does not seem to manifest socially (structurally)…

Pricing: $5-10 [NOTAFLOF]

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January 15, 2014
8:00 pm - 10:00 pm