CounterPulse is proud to host the longest running contact improv jam in the Bay Area! 25 years going strong. Each Tuesday evening features a focused or thematic class from 6:30PM-8PM followed directly by a jam, which lasts until 11:30PM. Attendees are welcome to attend one or both, and both are open for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The class and teacher rotates each month.

azyaniccodancingJune Class: Weight and Liquid

Anastasia is teaching a contact series in June focusing on weight and liquid in the animal body. Applying insights from Axis Syllabus and “water-body” Noguchi Gymnastics to contact, we will:

1) tune into subtleties of how attending to gravity minimizes effort in the dance

2) kinesthetically relate the core to the peripheries, coiling and uncoiling

3) get out of the mind and into the gut

4) find play in our relation to the ground, the space, and the flesh

This class is open to all skill-levels, and geared towards beginner/intermediate dancers.

June Teacher: Anastasia Barron

Anastasia is a dancer, actress, and body-worker committed to using art as tool for personal and collective healing. Her investigation centers on how practices of attention and states-based work can reveal an alternative relationship to subjectivity, where truth comes not from an external inscription, but from a prolonged and delicately wrought experiment in unpeeling the layers of our internal affective experience. Her eclectic training comes out of Butoh, Axis Syllabus, Capoeira, Contact Improvisation, psychophysical acting, and contemporary dance. She investigates how each of these forms allows us to re-write the stories that shape reality through risk, shadow, sweat, and play

Anastasia’s performance work includes WILD, based on the history of the witch burnings in Europe, and RED DELICIOUS, an immersive dance-scape set in nature celebrating the Feral Feminine. She co-ran the Subterranean Arthouse, where she produced monthly performance salons and showcases to develop the work of emerging artists. She has performed with Theater Mundi, and will be performing this summer in Tender Napalm with Anton’s Well Theater Company.

You can visit her website at


An art space for contact and improvisation, experimentation and inquiry. Tuesday nights jams are a focused forum for movers and shakers: experimentation is welcome, be it in physical, sociological, performative, or compositional realms. Each improvisor is responsible for their own choices. Each jam is cooked up by those who show up.



  • Class: 6:30PM-8PM, Jam: 8PM-11:30PM
  • All levels, including beginners
  • Classes are drop-in, no RSVP necessary
  • In the upstairs studio at CounterPulse, ring the doorbell for entrance
  • $15 Single Class, $5 Single Jam, $18 for both