Artist in Residence Alumni

Winter 2012

richien (Rowena Richie & Jennifer Chien)


Miriam Wolodarski / Sense Object

“Of Limb and Language”

Fall 2012

Monique Jenkinson


Fall 2012

Amara Tabor Smith and Deep Waters Dance Company

“Our Daily Bread”

Summer 2012

Seth Eisen

“Homo File”

Xandra Ibarra (AKA La Chica Boom)

“Fuck My Life (FML)”

Winter 2012

Mica Sigourney


Lisa Townsend


Summer 2011


“Pretonically Oriented”

Lenora Lee Dance


Winter 2011

Kegan Marling

“Jump ship this way”

Dandelion Dancetheater


Summer 2010

Jesse Hewit / Strong Behavior

“Tell Them That You Saw Me”

Laura Arrington

“Hot Wings”

Winter 2010

José Navarrete & Violeta Luna

“Rituals for a Desperate Era”

Kendra Kimbrough Barnes

“Home is that Way”

Winter 2009

Amara Tabor Smith and Deep Waters Dance Company

“Our Daily Bread”

Cathie Caraker and Katarina Eriksson


Summer 2008

Violeta Luna and Secos y Mojados

“Border TRIP(tych) II: A Body Parted (shrapnel of present time/ esquirlas de tiempo presente”

Joti Singh and Duniya Dance Company

“Dhoom Damaka”

Winter 2008

Brittany Brown Ceres/ Dance Ceres with Jenny Ward

“Bodily File”

Maya Gurantz/ Temescal Art Labs


Summer 2007

Isak Immanuel/For of Sky Projects

“Illegal Echo”

Christy Funch/ Funch Dance Experience

“To Mifune”

Winter 2007

Monique Jenkison

“Crying in Public”

Krista Denio & Ryan Eggensperger

“Sally: MIA”

Summer 2006

EmSpace Dance

“Continuing Education”

Eat Cake Productions

“Fish and Chips”

Winter 2006


Sheldon B. Smith

“Random Generator”

Summer 2005

Sept. 9-11, 2009

Paige Sorvillo

“These are my arms holding you, tearing you apart”

Sean Feit

“When the heart’s an empty room”

Winter 2005

Feb. 3-6, 2009

Sara Kraft and Ed Purver


Mary Armentrout

“Meditation on 3 Raisins”

848 Community Space
Artists in Residence 1991-2004

Lori B.

Nancy Benjamin (Drissana)

Body Cartography

E.E. Bradman (Shyam)

Tara Brandel

Tanya Calamoneri

Justin Chin



Jess Curtis/Gravity Physical Entertainment

Kim Epifano

Kate Gibson

Keith Hennessy/Circo Zero

Kathleen Hermesdorf

Stephanie Maher

Mystic Family Circus

Rujeko Performance Collective

Erika Shuch

Leslie Seiters

John Shaw

Rachel Shaw

Gabriel Todd

Scott Wells/Scott Wells & Dancers

Med-O Whitson

Violent Dwarf

Tracy Vogel