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Neelu BhumanNeelu Bhuman
Pro Bono Graphic Designer

Neelu is delighted to contribute her graphic design artistry to CounterPULSE, a space she adores to be the grand milieu of culture, cause and community. She is the principal and Interactive Director of an emerging global design studio, Design Of Neelu, which provides web and mobile application design and development services primarily to startups and nonprofits. Some of the current clients include SPUR: the San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Institute, Inneract Project: providing free design education for San Francisco’s inner city youth, Sportlink Heart: a new nationwide health care startup connecting young athletes with cardiologists providing preventive cardiac screenings that are unavailable through insurance companies, Bloomwell Inc.: a legal startup founded by San Francisco’s top attorneys currently in stealth mode and The Clic: a London based mobile startup aiming to connect people via art. In the recent past, Neelu has worked with award winning design studios such as IDEO, Interbrand, Better World Advertising in San Francisco and Square Tomato and Dumb Eyes in Seattle. Prior to her foray into blurring boundaries between art and technology, Neelu worked for Motorola Inc. for six years as a Senior Software Engineer architecting, designing and implementing various cell phone communication protocols such as Bluetooth, USB and IrDA. She graduated with a BTech (honors) degree in Electronics and Communications, an MS (honors) in Electrical Engineering and an AA (honors) in Interactive Media Design. In her spare time, Neelu tinkers with filmmaking, paints, enjoys photography and contributes her time and skills to various non-profit organizations whose mission and values align with hers.