Jesse Zaritt on “You’re Me”

by Faye Driscoll / February 26th, 2013 / Posted in: CounterPULSE, Faye Driscoll.

Jesse Zaritt, my co-performer in You’re Me, recently wrote an essay on the work which can be found in full on Culturebot:

“What is at stake in Faye’s work – especially the duet You’re Me – is a question of how far the performance of self can be extended. What kind of radical intervention could break open a space in the social fabric that will give us back some choice, the possibility to be other than who we have been conditioned to be?  What is the impact of enacting this rupture? What if choreographed performance can help us imagine a new field of possibility for self-realization?  What if we don’t know, or can’t even imagine who or what we’d like to become; what choreographic and performative methodologies might help us imagine and then enact extraordinary, unrealized entities?”

Faye Driscoll and Jesse Zaritt in “You’re Me”. Photo by Steven Schreiber.

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