Two amazing Homo File shoots last weekend

by seth / July 24th, 2012 / Posted in: CounterPULSE, Seth Eisen.

We had two amazing shoots last weekend for Homo File. The first was with tattoo artist  Zeph Fish who was inking our Sam Steward played by Ned Brauer. Sam was mentored by tattoo artist Amund Deitzel. Sam himself was mentor to tattoo artists Ed Hardy and Cliff Raven here in the Bay Area after he moved here in 1967–(the year I was born). On Saturday Ned had an amazing image of Mercury put on by Zeph Fish at her studio in the Mission.  Here is a link to her site:  Her work was amazing and she is not only an amazing artist but a very cool person. We are so honored to have her be part of this project.

K Lisette and Rich Hutchison are our video artists and also performers in the show.

On Sunday we did a second shoot recreating Sam Steward’s tattoo parlor and his Chicago apartment where he did much of his research and documentation of tattooing and sex for The Kinsey Institute and for his own archives. Here are some photos by Gary Ivanek, a photographer working with us on the project. Ned Brauer appears as Sam, Brit Zane as sailor and Chris Hammett as a tattoo client. Amazing work by all the models who showed up, Michael Soldier who recruited and choreographed some hot scenes and our incredible film crew: Gary Ivanek, K Lisette, Rich Hutchison, Mark McBeth, Marko Serpas. Thanks to the generosity of Carol Queen and Robert Lawrence at Center for Sex and Culture for letting us use their amazing space for the shoot.


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